Attracting millennials to the construction industry

BRIDGIT | May 3, 2016
Attracting Millennials to the Construction Industry - Bridgit

Attracting millennials to the construction industry has never been so difficult. Given this generation’s love of all things digital, technology seems to be a great place to start.

Millennials are living digital lives that industries must be ready to accept, embrace, and promote in order to retain top talent. Construction companies are beginning to realize that technology can not only attract Millennials to their work force, but also build a tech-savvy construction team.

But how should you navigate the ever-changing world of construction tech? And how can you use it to reach, attract, and retain talented young workers?

Here are a few topics to consider when evaluating how your company plans to attract millennials to your construction company.

Attracting Millennials with social media

Social media and maintaining social networks are incredibly important for Millennials as they view the world through a unique digital lens. Millennials want to be able to constantly maintain their online persona. Whether this is maintained through constant communication or social media posts, allowing this flexibility with employees will attract more tech-savvy skilled workers to the industry.

Organizational commitment is another concept prioritized by Millennials. Once an employee is committed to the organization, they become a great form of advertisement through word of mouth and—you guessed it—social media posts.


Millennials love upcoming technologies; they’re the first truly digital generation. According to Experian, about 77% of Millennial adults own a smartphone and spend 41% of their typical week using a smartphone. Embracing the latest technology creates new ways to attract young skilled workers, and new ways to be innovative on the job site. This could include using smartphones, cloud-based apps, augmented reality, or drones while on the job site. Paying attention to top technology trends could easily attract the talented and technology intrigued skilled labourers necessary to make the construction industry more technologically friendly.


Millennials are constantly looking for ways to be strategic, creative, or innovative. More specifically, technological innovation for Millennials has become a main force behind promoting social progress and development. Providing employees with the opportunity to trial leading technology in the field or brainstorm new ideas for the organization or industry is a great way to maintain top talent. Millennials are interested in creative experiences where they will be able to contribute to an innovative thought or idea that is about more than just the bottom-line.

Problem-solving and collaboration is always at the forefront for Millennials, and utilizing ways to increase such attitudes within the industry will attract more top talent. Almost 50% of Millennials state that they need on-the-go Internet access. A great way to increase a sense of collaboration on job sites is through real-time construction collaboration.

As technology continues to change at an exponential rate, the workforce will as well. A great way for the construction industry to maintain its workforce is to introduce more innovative concepts through up-to-date construction technology.

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