Bridgit CEO talks construction tech with the ConTechTrio

Bridgit | Jul 4, 2017
Bridgit CEO talks construction tech with the ConTechTrio

Last week, Bridgit’s own Mallorie Brodie joined the ConTechTrio podcast to talk about construction news and punch list technology. Here are our favorite moments from the podcast:

Mallorie gives a Bridgit history lesson

Before they built any software, our co-founders spoke with hundreds of construction professionals (32:01).

“We just went on site and started asking questions. ‘What’s frustrating on site? What’s time-consuming? Where are you spending a lot of money…?’” After interviewing 500 project managers and site superintendents, everyone seemed to want the same thing: an easier way to manage their punch lists. And that’s how Bridgit Closeout was born.

ConTechTrio asks for proof

When speaking about project setup, ConTechTrio host, James Benham, challenged Mallorie: “It’s easy to say, ‘Hey, this is easy to do.’ But it’s really hard to prove that it’s easy to do” (36:35).

James is completely right: adoption is difficult. Surveys suggest that construction companies are ready to embrace new technologies, but they struggle with how to implement them.

Here at Bridgit, we feel your pain. “The last thing you want to do mid-punch list is to be adding all these contacts, locations, and blueprints to the software to get going,” Mallorie admits. “So that’s something our team handles completely.”

Mallorie hints about Bridgit’s future

It’s true: our product was built to focus on punch lists. But that’s just the beginning.

“Punch lists are a frustrating problem, but the real concern is communication from the general contractor to subcontractor,” explains Mallorie (41:10). If we can streamline the communications between general contractors and subcontractors (or even developers), you could use our software for many other jobsite workflows.

This probably isn’t a surprise to Bridgit users. Many of you are already using the app for punch list, QC, checklists, owner inspections, safety, and more. We know you’re using Bridgit for a variety of site lists—and we’re happy to help you do that! Watch Mallorie’s full response for some hints on how Bridgit will move beyond your punch list.

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