Roundup: Bridgit customer testimonials

BRIDGIT | Feb 16, 2017
We are big on customer success here at Bridgit. That's why we love seeing the reviews of Bridgit that our users share. More reviews of Bridgit here >

We are really big on customer success here at Bridgit. That’s why we love seeing the Bridgit customer testimonials that our users share. We believe that through Bridgit customer testimonials, we are able to provide the best service in the industry to our users.

Our product, Bridgit Closeout, reimagines the punch list process to close out projects on time and on budget. Bridgit’s mobile app lets you quickly log tasks with photos, cutting your issue tracking time in half. Bridgit automates communication with subcontractors and keeps the entire team in sync and accountable to complete jobs faster.

We have compiled a list of our favourite Bridgit customer testimonials below!

Bridgit customer testimonials

Nobody likes managing the punch list process, but Bridgit makes it much more bearable.
– Bridgit User

We used Bridgit on our completion list and punch list. It’s the best software we’ve seen yet.
– Kyle Darnell, Project Manager – ARCO Construction Company

Bridgit is easy to use, from logging an item to sending it out.
– Nick Gibson, Assistant Superintendent – Minto Group Inc.

I like the ability to create filters by area, sub-trade, person, and status for ongoing review and closeout.
– Andrea Mrezar, Project Coordinator – Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.

We are saving a ton of time by not having to manually log, track, and monitor deficiencies. The software is automated and does all the admin work on its own. This saves us a ton of time and money.
– Bridgit User

We liked how we were able to customize the locations in the Bridgit app to fit our needs and tag each responsible sub.
– Eric Kempes, Project Superintendent – ARCO/Murray Design Build

I like that you can attach multiple photos per deficiency.
– Cara Nahwegahbow, Project Coordinator – Brookfield Multiplex

Deficiencies are communicated with ease to our trades. They are very responsive and are getting items completed quickly. It is easy to keep track of everything that is going on due to how well Bridgit is organized.
– Nick Gibson, Assistant Superintendent – Minto Group Inc.

Bridgit has eliminated 50% of my phone time. Having the ability to broadcast a message one time and have it delivered to all applicable parties is very effective.
– Mark Avery, Foreman – ASI Structures

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