Bridgit just got better: Introducing Location Markups

BRIDGIT | May 3, 2017
Introducing Location Markups

When you’re on the jobsite, you need a floor plan. There are no handy unit numbers or shiny plaques to tell workers where they’re going. And it’s your job to explain where each task is for the hundreds of subcontractors on site.

Shouldn’t your punch list help them know where those tasks are?

Yes. It should.

That’s why we have a new way-finding feature: Location Markups. As of this week, it’s officially available on Bridgit Closeout for iOS and Web. Now you can send subcontractors a list of tasks with customized floor plans that show them exactly where each issue is. Here’s how it works:

1) Send us your floor plans. We’ll upload everything for you!

2) Create a new task as usual. When you get to the summary page, click the new “Add Markup” button.

3) Find the location on the floor plan, and mark it with a shape or drawing.

When a subcontractor receives a new task, it will include your customized floor plan, so they know exactly where to go when they arrive on site. Everyone knows where they’re going. And everyone can focus on getting their work done.

You’re welcome.

Want to get started? Contact to upload your floor plans.

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