Roundup of Bridgit Software reviews

BRIDGIT | Feb 16, 2017
Bridgit Software Reviews: Our Users Share Their Reviews of Bridgit

We are really big on customer success here at Bridgit. That’s why we love seeing the Bridgit software reviews that our users share. We believe that through Bridgit software reviews, we are able to provide the best service in the industry to our users.

Our product, Bridgit Closeout, reimagines the punch list process to close out projects on time and on budget. Bridgit’s mobile app lets you quickly log tasks with photos, cutting your issue tracking time in half. Bridgit automates communication with subcontractors and keeps the entire team in sync and accountable to complete jobs faster.

We have compiled a list of our favourite Bridgit software reviews below!

Bridgit software reviews by our users

Bridgit is the right balance of simplicity and functionality.
– Bridgit User

Having the ability to work on or offline using the Bridgit app is priceless.
– Mark Avery, Foreman – ASI Structures

I really like that I don’t have to format my report which could take up a big chunk of my time.
– Bridgit User

Resolving service issues and getting warranty problems sorted out is easier with Bridgit.
– Taylor Marzoff, Customer Service Representative – Coast Wholesale Appliances

Being able to document, distribute, track, and close punch list items electronically is an absolute necessity in today’s construction business. Bridgit is effective for those who need to track remedial work or issues.
– Bridgit User

Bridgit has a nice user friendly interface that allows quick input and review.
– Mathieu Cornec, Project Manager – AMICO Design Build Ltd.

Bridgit provides us with a concise list of issues along with photos and markups, making identifying the issues easy. There is an easy link to our company’s tasks and it is intuitive enough for our installers to use on site.
– Bridgit User

The ability to quickly take photos and assign subcontractors on the spot when walking is what I like best about Bridgit.
– Misty Gray, Project Engineer – Plaza Construction

I like that everything is trackable using photos and locations and that the information can be automatically sent and accessed by subcontractors. It relieves a lot of administrative burden from the general contractor project engineers.
– Bridgit User

Bridgit makes coordinating between office staff and field staff easier through the pictures that are included with each punch item.
– Bridgit User

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