How Buttcon uses Bridgit Closeout to get to zero punch. On time, every time.

BRIDGIT | Apr 9, 2015
Case Study | Case Study: How Buttcon Uses Closeout to Get to Zero Punch


At Buttcon we have always taken the deficiency management aspect of our projects very seriously. A concentrated effort to make sure this process runs smoothly goes a long way towards ensuring we can continue to exceed owner’s expectations of delivering projects on-time and with a high level of quality.

As many Construction Management and Design Build firms of our size still do, we used to manage all of our punch lists lists using Excel. We had a highly optimized process in place and a team dedicated to deficiency management. Compared to the industry norm, we were doing a great job. This could easily have brought a “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” attitude, but as a company who is always keen to continue innovating we didn’t want to ignore other solutions.

However, the pool of options for easy-to use construction punch list software that didn’t require a full IT overhaul were few and far between. How is a company supposed to embrace innovation with open arms when there aren’t any viable options available?

There were only two choices:

1) Continue to use our existing punch list solution and wait for something better to come around or

2) Explore building a system ourselves

…Neither seemed overly appealing.

“Using Closeout, lets our team get to ZERO deficiencies by total completion.”

– Donny Messina, Deficiency Coordinator


Time Saved

Closeout has had a large impact on how time is spent on-site dealing with deficiencies. Instead of scheduling a dedicated day to deficiencies, our team is now able to complete the process on the go and in a more proactive way. The process feels much more fluid.

Improved Internal Communication

Communicating deficiencies internally has become a much simpler process. Before Closeout, the Deficiency Coordinator would compile excel reports on a weekly basis and verbally explain each item in meetings. The photos and notes available in Closeout’s .pdf reports transform this into a quick and painless process. Our assumption is that eventually the need for weekly meetings will be eliminated because everyone will have access to the information in real-time via the Closeout web platform.

Subcontractor Accountability

The reports we are able to pull for our trades using Closeout look very professional and include a lot more information than excel reports previously did (photos, notes, etc.). This helps create more accountability on their end and drastically reduces need for follow up questions. We have reduced the “he said, she said” on-site.

“Because logging deficiencies using Closeout is so fast, I’m able to do it every day. Consistent logging means deficiencies are flagged earlier and get fixed faster.”

– Nick Van Den Berg, Assistant Site Superintendent

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