What is cloud-based software? And why do jobsites need it?

BRIDGIT | May 17, 2017

You use cloud-based software everyday. And that’s a good thing.

In fact, cloud-based services are perfect for the jobsite, and they’re available on all your devices.

To explain what they are, let’s back up a bit. This is how cloud-based software came to be part of the construction world:

First there was on-premise

The first construction software solutions were created for the office, not the field. To use them, you needed a computer.

All these solutions were on-premise. The software was downloaded on a physical server in the office, and operated from there. Because of the physical servers, on-premise software came with a hefty price tag. To offer the best value, these solutions usually covered numerous tasks—from estimating to drawing management, and project scheduling.

Then there was hybrid

As new technology surfaced, construction companies evolved and became more streamlined. Workers adopted mobile phones, but still relied on computers to create reports and lists, and use construction software.

Software companies adapted their on-premise solutions to match these changes. They created more flexibly hybrid solutions. Hybrid solutions let construction professionals choose how they wanted their software delivered: on-premise, from the cloud, or both.

Now we rely on the cloud

So, what is the cloud?

It’s just a fancy way of saying your service is delivered over the internet. (Yes, we mean apps.)

Today, we can bet you carry a smartphone. Your on-site team might use tablets. And you probably use a variety of apps, which are all hosted in the cloud. You don’t need a physical server to run them—they’re only available online. You just sign up, download the app, and use your login to access information.

Cloud-based software hit its stride in 2010, and it’s only grown since. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen emerging software companies with a new mission: to build solutions for the jobsite.

And why not? After all, cloud-based software is perfect for the field:

  • All you need is your phone
  • They are built to be mobile, not adapted from office software
  • Wherever you go, your software can follow
  • Everyone has the latest information, all the time

To learn more about cloud-based software, and why it’s the best choice for jobsites, download our latest Construction Tech Trends eBook: True Software for the Jobsite.

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