Why North America’s construction capital is primed for mobile innovation in one of the city’s largest industries

BRIDGIT | Dec 10, 2013

Over the past several years, a massive boom in real estate has fostered Toronto’s rise to the status of North America’s construction capital. With 184 active high-rise construction projects as of Q1 2013, Toronto’s crane-dotted cityscape has become the undisputed leader in high-rise development, outbuilding even the combined total of the two closest competitors – New York at 91 and Mexico City at 88. Toronto not only leads the continent in under-construction high-rise developments, but proposals as well.

The construction industry in Toronto is clearly booming, but the tools that project managers are currently using to document quality control issues remain limited to a pen and paper. Addressing deficiencies on a construction site can often be a time consuming process involving hand written notes, hundreds of emails and slow turnaround times – but all that is about to change with the help of innovative new digital tools designed to greatly improve efficiency in the construction industry.

image by Jack Landau

The added cost of construction delays can be very expensive in a city like Toronto, costing upwards of $50,000 per day depending on both the scale of a project and its community impact. These conditions put pressure on the countless projects throughout the GTA to increase turnaround time and efficiency, making it increasingly important for General Contractors to keep track of emerging technologies which focus on efficiency and integrate them into on-site activities as quickly as possible. Early adopters of these new technologies are sure to gain a head start over competitors, with greatly improved project delivery timelines, higher quality of work and overall improvements in customer satisfaction.

High residential property values, low commercial vacancy figures and several planned infrastructure projects in the pipeline, Toronto will remain at the forefront of the North American construction industry well into the future – the ideal market to launch Bridgit, which will be available this coming January. Bridgit allows contractors and project managers to collect and relay photos of construction deficiencies to a cloud server, then share them anywhere, anytime. A simple Android & iOS-compatible user interface allows for quick and easy sharing of vital information between key project stakeholders, a valuable asset for use in all stages of a construction project.

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