What’s the next big tech trend for 2017?

BRIDGIT | Jan 18, 2017
Construction Technology Trends 2017

In this year’s Construction Technology Trends edition, we look back at the tech trends in the construction industry, to appreciate past growth – and anticipate future trends.

In our third annual Construction Tech Trends eBook, we’re excited to bring you an informative edition where we look at the history of construction technology, touch on the overall progress of industry software solutions, and look ahead to the next big trend that will define 2017.

In 2015 …

We provided you with a list of innovative construction technologies to pay attention to for that year, from augmented reality and wearables, to near-field communications.

In 2016 …

We had industry leaders weigh in on tech trends specific to condo development and construction.

This year …

We wanted to take a moment to look back at the history and growth of technology in the construction industry, as well as identify the next big trend to watch out for in the coming year.

The evolution and overall development of true software for the job site has been a big focus in this year’s edition, because growth in general, has been a major theme at Bridgit for the last year. We know it’s important to keep the momentum going, as you and your teams gear up for the new work year. However, to make smart decisions for the future of your business, we encourage you to take a moment to reflect on past achievements, milestones, and even obstacles. Take time to appreciate how far you’ve come, and most importantly, how to better prepare for what’s ahead.

By downloading the latest tech trends eBook, you will learn about the evolution of software solutions in the construction industry, as well as the next big trend that will shape 2017.

Arm yourself with knowledge and make smarter decisions for the future of your business. Checkout Construction Tech Trends: True Software for the Job Site written by the Co-Founder of Bridgit, Lauren Lake, who is a civil structural engineer graduate with hands-on industry experience, and an active mentor in the construction industry.

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