The essential request for information log template for Excel

BRIDGIT | Jul 25, 2016

Download the request for information log template here.

Are you looking for a free Excel template to track your information requests? Construction projects can be very overwhelming at times, and difficult to organize and manage. Ensuring you have all of the required project information in one location can assist in making sure information and timelines are not missed. This free Excel template is easy to manage, update, and share. 

Download the request for information log template here.

Request for Information Log Template

This free Excel template provides the following information for users:
– Primary contractor information
– Project name
– Project manager
– Project description
– RFI number
– Request status
– Request priority
– Description of request
– Requested by
– Assigned to
– Date (requested, required, approved)
– Additional comments

Are you interested in downloading this template? Not only is it clean and simple, but it comes with standard pre-populated fields as well. Download the Excel template.

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