Software Development Engineer in Test

Bridgit is looking for a Software Development Engineer in Test (SDET) to join our talented team. You’ll be responsible for the design, implementation, and maintenance of automation frameworks and testing tools. As a developer, you’ll ensure that testability is baked into the non-functional aspects of our software, and that appropriate hooks are surfaced for automation. As a tester, you will understand the scope and capacity of our software, with intent on how automation will effectively contribute to the overall testing efforts at Bridgit.

The team

We work as an integrated product-development team. Designers, developers, and testers all work together with no silos or artificial barriers.The team is agile, working in iterative sprints that help us understand what work we should be doing and (more importantly) why we’re doing it.

Other perks:

  • Focus day’: once a week, the team works from wherever they feel most productive, and meetings are banned
  • Short summer hours: in the summer months, work ends on Friday at noon
  • Weekly socials: we kick off the weekend with company-wide socials Fridays at 4pm
  • Unlimited vacation: you read that right

Our setup

Here at Bridgit we use Macs and we run our systems on Linux. Quite a few of us use Windows at home and feel no shame about it. If you have a strong preference for a specific OS that’ll make you happy and productive; we’re open to that.

Existing Automation

  • Lightweight API framework in Ruby using the Airborne gem
  • Appium-based proof of concept in Ruby, currently focused on our iOS native app

The SDET will review our existing tools; then validate, improve, or replace those tools as required. Our team is currently focused around Ruby, node.js, Swift, Java, and C#. We’d like to continue with the languages already used in-house, but we’re open to something new if it proves to be the right option.


  • Experience designing and implementing automated testing frameworks
  • Experience with web, api, and/or native mobile
  • Experience as a software tester, with some background in exploratory testing
  • Experience working with CI systems and GitHub webhooks
  • Ability to mentor testers and developers about automation
  • Driven to build and share knowledge through extensive collaboration
  • Familiarity or experience working with agile methodologies
  • Strong technical knowledge
  • A love of problem solving and developing your personal skills

Bonus points if…

  • You have experience automating with React components
  • You’re active in the software testing community
  • You have expertise in environment monitoring


To apply, please provide:

  • 1-2 page resume outlining your background and skills
  • Brief cover letter that explains your interest in the position

Send your resume and cover letter to to the attention of Valerie Scharrer, Operations Manager. Applicants can expect a lightweight code challenge if they’ve been selected to move forward.

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