Sr. Developer (Backend)

The product development team at Bridgit is growing again. We’re looking for an experienced developer who can help us plan and build robust systems that scale and, most importantly, make our customers happy. We’ve had great success with Bridgit Closeout, and we’re gearing up to build a new product focused on another aspect of the construction project lifecycle.

Joining us as an experienced Sr. developer you’ll be designing, experimenting, testing, and building an entirely new solution. We’ve got a lot of big decisions to make and you’ll be participating in that process day one. Some of the decisions we need to make include:
– API: REST or GraphQL?
– Authentication: SAML, OAUTH2? OpenID? JWT or not?
– Google Cloud or AWS?
– Microservices or Majestic Monolith and workers?
– Primary language: C# (.net core)? Java? Go? JS? Something else?

This really is an opportunity to work on a greenfield product. Our existing app runs on Rails and if you’ve got some experience with that, great—but Bridgit Closeout isn’t the focus of this role. We want someone to help us build a beautiful, modern, modular system that will serve as a template for how we build products in the future.

The Team

We work as an integrated product development team. Designers, developers, and testers all work together with no silos or artificial barriers. We work in iterative sprints and spend a lot of time ensuring the team understands the why of any work they’re doing in addition to the what. We have ‘Tune in Tuesdays’ where the team is encouraged to work from wherever they feel most productive and meetings are banned. On Fridays in the summer we work half days and the rest of the year we have a company-wide social starting at 4pm. We value our time and reject the notion that life should take a back seat to work. Did you know we have an unlimited vacation policy?

Our Setup

Here at Bridgit we use Macs and we run our systems on Linux. Quite a few of us use Windows at home and feel no shame about it. If you have a strong preference for a specific OS that’ll make you happy and productive; we’re open to that. We’re happily 100% cloud-hosted with nothing on-prem, and nothing in a co-lo. We’re going to keep it that way but how, where, and what are open for discussion.


– Experience building quality software with deep knowledge of one or more OOP languages
– A desire to teach and learn from your peers
– Experience developing and shipping SaaS (or a or a strong desire to do so)
– Experience developing and debugging software that employs multithreading, caching, and persistent data stores
– You can explain what SOLID stands for and why the concepts are important (in your own words… Googling for a refresher of the acronym is 👍)
– A desire to stay up to date on current technologies and development methods
– A degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or ample practical experience

We recognize many of the skills we’ve developed over our careers are often transferable. Creativity, enthusiasm, and drive are the keys to success and if you’re not sure you meet every qualification but you’re excited about the role and where we’re going, please apply. Send your resume and cover letter to to the attention of Valerie Scharrer, Operations Manager.

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