Using punch list software to improve team collaboration on and off-site

BRIDGIT | May 16, 2016
Using Punch List Software to Improve Team Collaboration On and Off-Site

Collaboration is difficult in the construction industry because people are constantly moving on and off of the site. The variances of age, demographic, and various levels of expertise place a challenge on team collaboration and team dynamics. Specifically, issues regarding the assignment of work, and punch lists can be extremely difficult to manage. Using punch list software to track and organize punch list items improves team collaboration between the General Contractor and the subcontractors by allowing the assignment of tasks in real-time, automating tasks, being user-friendly, and being able to comment on punch list items.

Assigning Tasks in Real-Time

Punch list software allows teams to assign tasks to individuals or groups in real-time, whether those users are on or off-site. The ability for the GC to assign tasks to their subcontractors opens-up communication by allowing comments back and forth, uploading photos and following the status of punch list items.

Sharing Comments on Punch List Items

Construction punch list software can assist in not only assigning tasks to individuals or groups in real time, but also in commenting on punch lists to create a collaborative platform and get feedback quickly. The ability to leave a comment on a punch list item gives subcontractors the chance to communicate with others that may be on or off-site by providing them with further information on the status of a punch list item. Commenting on punch lists creates instantaneous communication between individuals that have been assigned the task. Common examples that we see in comments in Closeout are a subcontractor notifying the GC why the item cannot be completed yet (waiting on materials, etc.) or to suggest that the item belongs to a different subcontractor (which is actually often the case).

Ease of Use and User-Friendliness

In addition to construction punch list software having the capability to assign tasks to individuals or groups in real time, most new software is easy to use and very user-friendly. Individuals are able to access the database at any time to show team members punch list items that are outstanding. If there is a disagreement on-site regarding the status of a project, or a punch list item that has been flagged, an individual is able to consult the app for further information. In the construction industry, having a construction-based application that organizes punch lists with a great amount of detail can remove a lot of wasted time.

No More Re-Work with Punch List Software

Task automation saves you time on and off-site. One of the biggest benefits of a good punch list software is its ability to remove a lot of the re-work associated with the typical punch list process. Punch list software saves the Site Superintendent a lot of time by eliminating the re-work of documenting the deficiencies found during a site walkthrough and then transferring the deficiencies into a spreadsheet. Consequently, punch list software no longer requires the Site Superintendent to manage multiple versions of an excel document and send emails to all of the subcontractors at the end of each day. In turn, the use of punch list software not only removes re-work, but also saves hours, if not days.

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