Construction punch list software helps Project Managers stay organized

BRIDGIT | May 31, 2016
Construction Punch List Software Helps Project Managers Stay Organized On and Off-Site

Construction punch list software helps Project Managers stay organized whether they are in the office or working across multiple construction sites. Punch list software helps keep information simply formatted, easy to understand, and consistent across projects.

Here are just a few ways that punch list software can help Project Manager’s stay organized:

Project Schedule

We all know how important it is for projects to be completed on time and on budget.

Punch list software, like Closeout, gives the PM a detailed look into the status of punch list items. This transparency makes it much easier to tell if the project is progressing on schedule, or if an influx of deficiencies are going to lead to unexpected project delays (and costs!).

By presenting all punch list items on one platform, they can be filtered using the status of the punch list item. For instance, the Project Manager could filter the punch list to show all of the tasks that are open. By using the filters provided in the punch list software, the Project Manager can make sure that the punch list items are being resolved on time. The status of specific punch list items is incredibly important because a punch list item not being completed on time could jeopardize the completion date of an entire construction project.

Assign Dollar Values

Punch list software can assist a Project Manager in keeping track of the dollar values of specific punch list items; this could be things like holdbacks or costs related to trade damage.  Punch list software allows for dollar amounts to be assigned to punch list items so that the Project Manager has a better understanding of the financial values of a deficiency on a project. Tracking the dollar value associated with punch list items is beneficial for ensuring that the project does not go over budget. By assigning dollar values to punch list items, General Contractors are able to give a penalty charge to the Subcontractors that are not completing their punch list items on time.

Future Project Planning

Another big advantage that Project Managers see when using punch list software is when it comes to planning for upcoming projects. By reviewing past performance metrics like how fast a particular subcontractor finishes their assigned work, or how many deficiencies they had in the first place, it becomes pretty clear which subcontractors are high performing and which are not.

Knowing which subcontractors are completing work quickly or slowly can assist in future project planning and to help pick the right team the next time around. For instance, if a subcontractor’s performance is sub-par when looking at the completion rate of punch list items, the PM can choose to find another contractor moving forward.  

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