Punch list software: Top 30 questions you need to ask before buying

BRIDGIT | Feb 1, 2017
Punch List Software

How do you find the best punch list software solution for your various business needs? You first need to know what kind of questions to ask, to get the answers you’re looking for.

Finding the right software solution for your specific business needs can be challenging. You know you should shop around for the right product, but once you have a few software vendors in mind – what are the next steps?

What kind of features should you be looking for?

What are the right questions to ask?

We can help.

Download this free punch list software evaluation guide for the top 30 questions you should be asking punch list software vendors.

How to Evaluate Punch List Software

When it comes to finding robust punch list software that can help you quickly track issues and assign them to the right trades, you want something that’s quick to learn and easy to use.

We can help make the evaluation process a little easier.

Ask yourself – where is the technology needed most? What kind of capabilities does it need to have? What features are a must-have, and what would be a nice-to-have?

Here are 8 major areas to consider for evaluating punch list software:

– User experience
– Ease of recording deficiencies and tasks
– Communication and workflow
– Reporting capabilities
– Onboarding and training
– Software delivery
– Data storage capabilities
– Cost structure

Whether or not you have the software needs for your business fully defined, this software requirements checklist can help you get started and narrow down what matters most to your business.

Let this resource be your guide in figuring out where the gaps are and where technology can help in meeting your business goals.

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