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BRIDGIT | Feb 16, 2017
Bridgit Software Reviews: Our Users Share Their Reviews of Bridgit

We are really big on customer success here at Bridgit. That’s why we love seeing the reviews of Bridgit that our users share. We believe that through the reviews of Bridgit, we are able to provide the best service in the industry to our users.

Our product, Bridgit Closeout, reimagines the punch list process to close out projects on time and on budget. Bridgit’s mobile app lets you quickly log tasks with photos, cutting your issue tracking time in half. Bridgit automates communication with subcontractors and keeps the entire team in sync and accountable to complete jobs faster.

We have compiled a list of our favourite reviews of Bridgit below!

Reviews of Bridgit by our users

I was very happy with the ease of use of Bridgit.
– Shay Guscott, Project Manager – Pomeroy Lodging LP

The best part of Bridgit is compiling and organizing all of the punch list items into one database. This eliminates the need for me to update spreadsheets and send out multiple emails to subs.
– Bridgit User

We probably shaved at least a month off the whole punch process because of how streamlined this program is.
– Eric Kempes, Project Superintendent – ARCO/Murray Design Build

I like the ability to note whether a deficiency is completed, open, re-opened, and more. Bridgit helps keep everything organized.
– Bridgit User

I like that reports get sent out automatically as specified, so there are no excuses for anyone not receiving them.
– Cara Nahwegahbow, Project Coordinator – Brookfield Multiplex

I love that a photo is included along with the location, trade assigned, and that it needs to be approved prior to releasing the item.
– Bridgit User

Bridgit helps hold subs accountable when trying to get a project closed out.
– Andrew Sills, Project Manager – Hodges & Hicks General Contractors

The best part of the Brigit app is being able to see all the deficiencies in one central spot. Separate parties don’t need to coordinate different lists because everything is contained in one location.
– Bridgit User

We’re using Bridgit as our closeout system to track deficiencies more efficiently.
– Andrea Mrezar, Project Coordinator – Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.

With Bridgit it is easy to create deficiencies, keep track of them, and see what trades have commented on each one. It’s amazing how simple it is to make lists to give to the subs.
– Bridgit Users

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