Top 5 site superintendent construction templates

BRIDGIT | Sep 26, 2016
Top 5 Site Superintendent Construction Templates

Site Superintendents are constantly on-the-go. Site Superintendent construction templates ensure project-related information is quick to update and easy to understand.

Here are the top five construction templates for Site Superintendents:

1. Punch List

Bridgit’s punch list template provides Site Superintendents with an easy to use and easy to modify Excel document to track punch list items and assign them to specific subcontractors or trades. Site Superintendents can track dates in the document as well to ensure they do not miss any deadlines.

This Excel punch list template (that is free!) provides the following information for Site Superintendents: project name, general contractor/architect/owner names, punch list items number, location, room, trade/subcontractor types, item to check, work needed, status, dates (recorded, completed, approved), and additional comments.

To download the punch list template, click here.

2. Construction Checklist

Bridgit’s construction checklist helps Site Superintendents easily check-off items by providing users with pre-populated fields and drop-down menus. Make your job easier- download a construction checklist that can help you stay organised and on-top of tasks.

Site Superintendents can use this free Excel construction checklist template to organise the following information: project name, general contractor/architect/owner names, item number, room, trade, task needed, and status.

To download the construction checklist, click here.

3. Construction Schedule Template

Bridgit’s construction schedule template assists Site Superintendents to quickly update project timelines and view project schedules. This is a free Excel template that is incredibly simple to use and provides users with fields that are pre-populated.

This construction schedule Excel template helps Site Superintendents with the following information: project name, general contractor/architect/owner names, task number, task name, subcontractor type, start date, end date, status, and weekly timeline.

To download the construction schedule template, click here.

4. Request for Information Log

Bridgit’s request for information log gives Site Superintendents an easy-to-modify document for requesting additional information while on a construction project. This template will help you track all of your requests for information and make sure you have all of the information you need to complete your tasks successfully.

This free request for information Excel log provides Site Superintendents with the following information: primary contractor information, project name, project managerm project description, RFI number, request status, request priority, description of request, requested by, assigned to, date (requested, required, approved), and additional comments.

To download the request for information log, click here.

5. Inspection Report Template

Bridgit’s free inspection report Excel template helps Site Superintendents track inspection-related information in one document. This template makes inspection reports easy! Forget the days of hard-to-understand inspection reports. This template can changes that.

This inspection report template provides Site Superintendents with the following information: contractor information (name, contact number, contract number, and project number), project information (date, time, weather, temperature), project location, trade types, individual trade workers, hours worked, location of work, description of work, total hours worked, and comments.

To download the inspection report template, click here.

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