Meet Shane from David’s Tea

BRIDGIT | Apr 9, 2015
User Story: Meet Shane from David's Tea - Bridgit!

We’re sitting down with Closeout users at great companies committed to high construction quality to discover their favourite tools, processes and how they use technology on-site. This week, we interviewed Shane Morrison, Sr. Construction Manager at David’s Tea in Boston, MA.

What kind of smartphone do you have and why is it your preference?

I use a Samsung Galaxy IIIs. It has a great camera and perfect screen size for using Closeout. A standard iPhone is too small for my taste, but it’s all a matter of what you are used to.

Do you use any other devices on-site?

I am contemplating the use of a Galaxy Tablet, but for the most part, I find I can do everything that I need to from my phone.

How has your job changed since starting to use a smartphone on-site?

As the department manager, I have a lot more certainty that my team is handing over stores in perfect condition even though I cannot be on every job site. Closeout specifically allows me to ensure we are covering all of the key points that are critical to the operation of our store. In fact, we’ve developed a 120 point standard check list of items that automatically uploads into each project. I love the reminder tool. I couldn’t forget tasks if I tried!

Other than Closeout, do you use any other apps on-site?

The only other App we are using at the moment is a data base system called Big Sky. Our Maintenance Managers use this system to track, respond to and manage R&M work order requests from our store operators.

What is your favourite Closeout feature?

Having visibility to all projects being managed by my PM’s is a huge advantage. Automated email communication and PDF exports are the main features that helped streamline our process and increase our efficiency.   Prior to adopting Closeout, we were manually tracking deficiencies with Excel Spreadsheets. Having multiple copies of these documents floating around did nothing but create confusion and waste time.   Without reminders, our PM’s had a tendency of moving on to the next project and forgetting about the last couple of important items on the recently opened stores. Closeout does not allow that to happen.

If there was a product to help you with anything in your day-to-day, what would it be?

Invoice management. For me, as an owner’s rep, it is important to develop good relationships with our contractors and vendors, and this means we need to pay them timely. If they know they will be paid promptly, they will be more willing to jump through hoops for us when we need them to. Receiving, approving and processing invoices timely give us the best chance and paying on time. I spend a lot of time out of the office and am typically reviewing invoice on an airplane or in a hotel room so an electronic management system to help with this process would be amazing.

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