Meet Nick from Buttcon

BRIDGIT | Apr 30, 2015
Meet Nick: he's a site superintendent at Buttcon.

Nick van den Berg is a Site Superintendent at Buttcon in Toronto, ON. He uses Closeout record his construction punch list and get work done faster on-site. 

What kind of smartphone do you have?

iPhone 5c.

Do you like your mobile phone?

I’m a bigger fan of the Blackberry. I like that it’s Canadian and I love the keyboard on it. For the iPhone 5C, I don’t find the battery lasts long enough in areas without signal.

Do you use any other devices on-site (tablet, etc.)

I do use my iPad for accessing things like shop drawings and job blueprints, but I would prefer a more durable tablet (for example an acer).

Buttcon Bridgit

How has your job changed since starting to use a smartphone on-site?

It’s a lot less paperwork and much easier to get a hold of everyone. It’s also easier to track everything. Previously,  I had to rely a lot more on memory.

Other than Closeout, do you use any other software on-site?

No, Closeout is the only software we use on-site.

How does Closeout help you most on-site?

With Closeout you have an evolving list, which is very helpful when you’re at the stage where there could be potential warranty issues. Instead of emailing our owners or the architect with they can log in to Closeout and review the project in near real-time.

Previously, logging items took too much time. I used to try and send emails as consistently as possible, but realistically it was only possible to send them once a week. Now, I’m able to send updates every day. I find myself going home and making quick edits from the day on the web app as well. It’s so much faster.

What are your favourite Closeout features?

On a daily basis, I rely on several great features:

1. Marking issues as urgent
2. Adding photos and marking them up (with arrows, etc.).  

A picture is worth a thousand words. Since using Closeout for my construction punch list, I find I don’t need to write as long of a description for the trades to understand the issue.

2. Subcontractor communication

Subtrades were easy to adopt— A couple of them would even comment on issues give me feedback about how I could use change how I used the software to communicate better with them.

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