Women in construction roundup 2017

BRIDGIT | Mar 21, 2017

Although women in construction week may be over, here at Bridgit, we believe we should continue to showcase the growing role of women in the industry. Here is a roundup of some of our top stories of the female construction professionals who we’ve had the privilege of working with.


Thank you to the trailblazers who paved the way

Holly Chen, Project Coordinator for the Minto Group is fascinated by Toronto’s construction industry. She describes it as unique and fast-paced – but it was school that originally brought her into the city. While she was completing her Civil Engineering degree from the University of Toronto (U of T), she did her first co-op placement on a low-rise construction site with Minto. Here’s where she fell in love.
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You don’t need to be one of the guys

In this edition, we spoke with Kristina Doucet, a Safety Manager and Superintendent at Leader Mechanical Construction Ltd., who loves construction so much that it’s not only her day job, but her nighttime hobby as well.
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Ambition & passion are the keys to success

Noel Speirs has been in the construction industry for about 10 years now, but she didn’t start out with ambitions of becoming a construction professional. After exploring a variety of career paths such as a receptionist, executive assistant, and doing a stint in an interior design program, she finally found her calling and was able to pursue a role she was passionate about.
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Trading in makeup brushes for a hardhat

We all know, life is full of curveballs. Sometimes you think you’re headed down one path but before you know it, it’s not at all what you set out to do. For example, a junior employee at the Minto Group, Maya Keay-Smith, thought she’d be on her way to becoming a makeup artist a few short years ago. “I was working at a clothing store and was very interested in fashion and makeup,” says Keay-Smith. Instead, life presented a different kind of opportunity. Thanks to another part-time job she took on to help pay for her studies, Keay-Smith is now on her way to pursuing a career in construction.
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Breaking down male stereotypes

This time, we had the pleasure of speaking to Norma Henry, Project Director at Kubik – a company that designs and creates exhibits for an international market.
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