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Make sure your people have the right certifications for the job with Certification Tracking by Bridgit Bench

Track certifications with the Certification Tracking in Bridgit Bench. General contractors can create a master list of certifications and set warning date ranges. General contractors can then add a certification to a person’s profile and set the expiration date for their certification. They’ll see a warning as the certification is approaching expiration.

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Get ahead of your people planning using our new advanced forecasting upgrades

Bridgit is introducing Scenario Planning, and more robust People and Project filters to its Forecasting page. General contractors will be able to see the impact of their project pursuits on workforce capacity and workforce productivity. General contractors will be able to filter the Strategic Workforce Plan Report, and the Utilization Rate Chart on any People or Project field, to get better insights into their workforce management.

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What’s new in Bridgit Bench | A look back at summer 2021

Here’s a look back at all the Bridgit Bench updates you may have missed this quarter. Bridgit Bench now allows you to add real-time updates, communicate role assignments, expand your forecasting capabilities, and add attachments to people profiles. With Smart Suggestions, get recommendations on role allocations. Our revamped integration with Procore makes it easier to transfer more data from Procore into Bridgit Bench.

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Canada’s Top Growing Companies 2021

Canada's Top Growing Companies 2021

View article “Bridgit has experienced record growth this year with the rise of technology in the construction industry. We feel honoured to be recognized as leading the way in both the construction and tech space. We’re striving to deliver excellence and help general contractors put people first in their business decisions,” says Lauren Lake, COO

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3 Tips to help avoid cost overruns on your next project

Construction projects often take months, or even years. With the initial bid being submitted months before the project even starts, it can be hard to anticipate changes in cost over the duration of a project. This post will explore a few ways to help avoid cost overruns on your next project.

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Make easier staffing decisions with Smart Suggestions for role assignments

Bridgit Bench now will provide you smarter suggestions for any open roles on projects. It will take into account various fields, including historical project information, and use that information to give you a list of available people that would be the best fit for the role. As you build project history in Bridgit Bench, the platform will become more intelligent, and show you ever better suggestions.

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