Bridgit Bench announces log in with Procore functionality

Bridgit Bench announces log in with Procore functionality

The Bridgit team is excited to announce the latest step in our partnership with Procore. Bridgit Bench and Procore customers can now log in to their Bridgit Bench account using their Procore credentials.

On top of an existing Procore integration and Procore embedded app, allowing Bridgit Bench users to log in to their resource plan using their Procore credentials further streamlines the log in process and operation workflows.

“Bridgit’s partnership with Procore has always been focused on removing barriers and enabling our clients to take advantage of the best tools available to them,” said Trent Beattie, Head of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Bridgit. “Enabling users to log in to Bridgit Bench using their Procore credentials is another step that makes it even easier to manage the project workflow. We’re excited to continue deepening our integration with Procore and for continuous feedback from our clients that helps us deliver the solutions they need.”

Bridgit Bench Procore login



The ability to log in to Bridgit Bench using Procore credentials makes it easier for our customers to sync their credentials across platforms.

For more information about the Bridgit Bench and Procore partnership, visit the Procore App Marketplace or Bridgit Bench Integrations.

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