Bridgit’s explosive growth rate in 2021 will accelerate during 2022

Bridgit’s explosive growth rate in 2021 will accelerate during 2022

Looking back at 2021, there’s really only a couple of words that come to mind to describe the year-in-review at Bridgit – growth & momentum. As we prepare for another year around the sun, we wanted to celebrate the progress we’ve made with our construction workforce intelligence solution, Bridgit Bench, and our evolution as a company. This was made possible by our investors, our passionate and dedicated team, and most importantly, our customers who will continue to be Bridgit’s foundation and catalyst heading into the new year.

Looking ahead to 2022, we wanted to share a few highlights from the year behind us.

This year alone, our customers have:

  • Added over 9,700 projects to Bridgit Bench
  • Added over 4,600 trackable staff
  • Added over 1,800 new users
  • Saved 7-8 hours/week per office maintaining workforce data
  • Cut workforce planning meeting times in half (50%)

Bridgit team grows by 55%

We started the year with 58 team members, but by the year’s end, we’ll be roughly 90 strong. We were also recognized as a Great Place to Work® and one of 2021’s Best Workplaces Managed by Women and will continue to invest in our people and culture as we keep scaling the team, through FY22.

Some of our notable hires include:

  • Amy Abascal, VP of Marketing – Amy brings with her a wealth of experience in the construction technology industry and will be at the helm of the marketing team’s mission to make Bridgit a household name for all North American GCs.
  • Jason Fitzpatrick, Senior VP of Sales – “Fitz” brings with him more than 20 years of experience in technology sales, and leads a team dedicated to helping our customers reduce risk and optimize their workforce.  

Bridgit’s VP of Software Development, Andrew Lockwood, has also recently announced the addition of two new development teams at Bridgit: Architecture and Data

Interested in joining our team? To see all of our active job postings, check out our careers page.

Bridgit expands customer base

Bridgit Bench, our workforce intelligence solution, made waves in North America throughout 2021. We onboarded more than 60 new general contractors, including 27 of the top ENR 400 contractors in 2020. (The ENR 400 is a list curated by the Engineering News Recorder and is akin to the Fortune 500, but for General Contractors.)  Some of our notable ENR 400 onboardings include Clayco (#23), Burns and McDonnell (#34), Clune Construction (#59), Robins & Morton (#77), The Boldt Co (#110), and Columbia (#254). These new additions mean that nearly 20% of the ENR 400 are using Bridgit Bench to create strategic, long-term workforce strategies.

Bridgit increases revenue 125% YoY and raises $24M in Series B funding

Our Series B funding brings our grand total to CDN $43.5 million CAD in equity financing. This comes as no surprise given that Bridgit has increased revenue by 125% in FY21. Our latest funding round was co-led by Camber Creek and Storm Ventures. Additional investors include Nine Four Ventures, along with existing investors BDC Capital’s Women in Technology Venture Fund, StandUp Ventures, Sands Capital, and Vanedge Capital.

Along with our Series B raise, we announced that Arun Penmetsa, a Partner at Storm Ventures, and Mitchell Schear, Executive Partner at Camber Creek, will be joining the Bridgit board of directors. 

Bridgit launches new branding

One of the biggest changes at Bridgit through 2021 was the launch of our new look and voice. We are building a brand that represents Bridgit, and we’re aware it may be different from what the industry expects. But that’s who we are — we didn’t want to choose the obvious. Bridgit is a trailblazer. Our brand is bold, unexpected, and embraces the human side of construction tech. Learn how we developed our new brand.

Bridgit Bench integrates with leading ConTech software

One of our ongoing goals is to create a seamless workforce planning experience. For contractors, that means not having their data siloed off in their respective tools. This year, we’ve launched over 16 integrations with leading construction software. Some of our notable integrations include Procore, Autodesk Build, BIM 360, and BuildingConnected. Read about all of our integration offerings.

Bridgit Bench updates

A lot of the momentum that we’ve built in 2021 is a direct result of the hard work our product and development teams have put into improving our workforce intelligence solution, Bridgit Bench. This work takes months of research, both with our customers and the larger industry, to build meaningful features that can impact contractors’ bottom lines. 

This year alone, our development team has pushed out a staggering 42 updates into Bridgit Bench based on direct customer feedback. We always aim to put our customers’ problems first, and work backward to create meaningful solutions for them. Some of our most notable additions include:

1. Pursuit tracking

“Forecasting is probably one of our biggest challenges. Without Bridgit we don’t know about projects until somebody sends us the setup plans and then we still don’t know if it’s going to be ours or not. We don’t know how many people we’ll need or if we have enough. Do we need more people? Fewer people? That’s a big challenge for us.” – Bridgit customer

Create more meaningful collaboration with your business development team by tracking project bids and opportunities directly in Bridgit Bench using Pursuit Tracking. Import your project pipeline and start planning your project team without impacting your utilization rate.

2. Smart suggestions

Bridgit Bench will give you smart suggestions on whom you could assign to the role based on previous project history and roles. When you go to assign a person to a role, you’ll see a list of suggestions based on fields from previous projects.

As you build project history in Bridgit Bench, the platform will become more intelligent and show you better suggestions.

3. Certification tracking

“One thing we’ve talked about with Health & Safety is ‘how do we know if our team’s certifications are good?’ Is CPR updated or expired? That’s something that has definitely come up in our discussions.” – Bridgit customer

You can now track certifications with Certification Tracking in Bridgit Bench. Create a master list of certifications and set warning date ranges so you’re notified well in advance of the certification expiring. 

Add the certification to a person’s profile and set the expiration date for their certification. As the certification’s expiry date approaches, you’ll start to see warnings appear.

4. The Strategic Workforce Plan Report

“We did a three-month look ahead by market to see if we needed to hire from February to March. For example, we’ll need five licensed electricians and three crane operators. Can Bridgit Bench help us forecast in a way that shows our current pool of team members and help identify any gaps?” – Bridgit customer

With the Strategic Workforce Plan Report, Bridgit Bench helps you make better staffing decisions. The report shows you an accurate image of workforce capacity and project demand for both projects and project opportunities, allowing you to filter by role to get granular insights on your workforce needs.

5. Scenario planning

“When we start chasing some of these larger jobs and big projects, we’ll have 150-200 people on them. We try to run scenarios in Excel, but we’re trying to manage documents, marrying this one to that one. It’s a broken system. I’ve had enough. So that’s what drove us to ask you.” – Bridgit customer

We’ve expanded our forecasting tools to include Scenario Planning for the Utilization Rate Chart. Now, you can plan scenarios for the entire forecasting dashboard, which includes both the Strategic Workforce Plan report and the Utilization Rate Chart.

With Scenario Planning, you can see the impact of your project pursuits on your people. Use it to identify gaps in your allocations and plan in advance for project bids you think you might win.

Putting a bow on 2021

Here we are, with another year in the books. This year was a record-breaking one for the team at Bridgit and we couldn’t have done it alone. Everything we do is a team effort. We have the backing and incredible support from our investors, a team that is obsessed with solving the construction industry’s most prevalent problems, and most importantly we have a star-studded base of customers that includes some of the sector’s most influential players. 

These customers worked with us to build Bridgit Bench into what it is today, and will continue working with us to take workforce intelligence to the next level. We’re excited to continue our push forward as a team in 2022! What better way to wrap up the year than with a message from our CEO and Co-Founder, Mallorie Brodie:

“Bridgit Bench was designed by listening to the needs of general contractors and understanding how we could best help them reduce risk and be more profitable. Taking workforce planning out of Excel or other outdated solutions lets them accurately plan, efficiently allocate their staff, and strategically bid based on workforce availability, because listening is ingrained in our corporate DNA, nearly all of our feature releases have been inspired by or directly requested by our customers. There is no other workforce planning tool that can say that customer love drives their roadmap! Our 2022 plan includes aggressive product enhancements, more integrations, and new ways we can help GCs put their people first.  We’re looking forward to another banner year!”

Michel Richer - Content Marketing Manager

Michel Richer

Michel Richer is the Content Marketing Manager at Bridgit. He got his start in the construction industry at an early age with a local restoration company. Michel is driven to propel the construction industry forward by helping to eliminate outdated, ineffective processes.

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