Deactivated people: Gone but not forgotten

Deactivated people: Gone but not forgotten

Bridgit Bench has added a list of all deactivated profiles so you can easily reference a deactivated profile’s project history even though they may no longer be at your company. So, what does that mean for you?

Imagine Anthony is moving on from construction to become an online poker player. First step will be to go into his individual profile under “details” to deactivate him.

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Once Anthony has been deactivated, it’s important to note that he will be removed from any active or upcoming projects. In his place will be an “unfilled role” placeholder where you can allocate a new person directly from your expanded gantt view or in the project details.

So where is Anthony now?

Apart from chasing the river, you will find Anthony in your settings where he will be listed under the “Deactivated People” tab, just two clicks away from any screen. He can also be found in the project history of any given project he was allocated to.

In the case that Anthony’s new career path is a bust, you will have an opportunity here to review all project history and profile details before deciding to reactivate.

If you’re interested in finding out more tips and tricks to get the most out of Bridgit Bench, we recently hosted a Q&A with Jeff Olafson, CEO of Gardon Construction Ltd where he went over his reasons for investing in tools vs headcount, how to be more efficient day to day, and how he’s incorporated Bridgit Bench into his existing tech stack.

Michel Richer - Content Marketing Manager

Michel Richer

Michel Richer is the Content Marketing Manager at Bridgit. He got his start in the construction industry at an early age with a local restoration company. Michel is driven to propel the construction industry forward by helping to eliminate outdated, ineffective processes.

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