CASE STUDY: From paper and pen to Bridgit

CASE STUDY: From paper and pen to Bridgit

The story of maximizing Axiom Builders’ efficiency of communication using Bridgit Field



Quick stats:

  • Close items in less than 45 days using Bridgit

  • 2X communication between trades using Bridgit

Gianni Cenedese started his career at Bosa Construction as a laborer 17 years ago, now an interior superintendent at Axiom Building. “It keeps me challenged on a regular basis,” says Gianni. “I enjoy the job from the beginning to completion — and all the facets throughout.”

Tasks were organized quicker, closeouts were completed faster, and communication between trades was instant. -Gianni Cenedese

Tasks were organized quicker, closeouts were completed faster, and communication between trades was instant. -Gianni Cenedese

Gianni pegs himself as “old school,” growing up in the industry relying on the classic paper and pen. He admits though, that as the scale of the job grows, it’s been increasingly more difficult to keep track of stacks of paper, binders, and other physical goods – let alone having to chase down trade partners to get updates. Gianni set out to find a better alternative.

With Bridgit, Gianni was able to do more in less time, which translated to efficiencies all around. His tasks were organized quicker, his closeouts were completed faster, and his communication between trades was instant. Surprisingly being in the business all these years, his biggest benefit of using Bridgit: “It’s not just the time I save, but I feel it has a level of professionalism that paper and pen do not.”

A few of the projects that used Bridgit Field:

One might think Gianni went kicking and screaming to adopt software like Bridgit Field. But that’s not thecase. “I found the experience to be very positive from the beginning and I didn’t find the learning curve difficult. It’s much easier to stay organized with my updates, and where I used to chase my trades with phone calls and messages, now I just open the app to check for updates/progress of work being done.”

Okay, but the subcontractors resisted, right? “On the contrary, all the trades I work with thoroughly enjoy and are welcoming to the app. I did not experience resistance.” The beauty is that there’s no steep learning curve: “As we use Bridgit on more projects,” begins Gianni, “the subs are already familiar with the tool. Those that aren’t get a quick lesson from us or the team at Bridgit and then they’re off.”

The data speaks for itself:


Communication using Bridgit Field

With Bridgit, Gianni and his team at Axiom have seen a reduction in close time, typically within 45 days.

They’ve also experienced an upswing in more efficient communication: every month, more and more subcontractors are using Bridgit to communicate back to Axiom. This goes beyond just checking tasks, but sending information back and forth – be it updates or further instructions. Between Q4 2018 and Q1 2019, comms from subcontractors has more than doubled.

But how has the digital communication through Bridgit changed over having to email/call each trade for updates — are they more accountable, more responsive? In short, yes. “I find that the communication is much quicker, therefore, responsiveness is quicker. I would say there’s a noticeable improvement in accountability, namely based on multiple trades all using the same app.”

What does he do with the time he gets back from using Bridgit? “I’m now able to focus on other parts of my job, including proactively spending more time checking on my trades.”

Generally, when asked how he keeps his subcontractors accountable for completing their tasks and completing them on time, he reverts to his roots: “Bridgit is great, but sometimes good old fashioned ‘hounding’ is very helpful in this particular aspect of my job.”

What are some of the other benefits of working with Bridgit aside from the software itself? Gianni admits he likes when the team shows up on the sites. “Periodically Bridgit team members will come to the site, check in on things, assist with any issues or questions that might come up.”

After all is said and done, would Gianni go back to paper and pen? “I admit, in the introductory stage of Bridgit I was reluctant. After many years of paper and pen it was a little intimidating. But during the initial trial I immediately saw the benefits of Bridgit. I couldn’t do my job as efficiently without Bridgit.”

Last tidbit from Gianni: What feature of Bridgit had the biggest impact on allowing Axiom to be more productive? ”‘Creating a task’ is the most effective feature. It allows me to instantly send out a deficiency and have it addressed in an expeditious fashion.”


About Axiom

More about Axiom Builders:

Axiom Builders is a leading General Contractor for many major developers and is active in both residential and commercial construction. Since 2003, it has grown into one of British Columbia’s largest construction companies with $500 million in construction volume for 2017. Headquartered in Vancouver, the company also has a branch office in Calgary and satellite offices in Edmonton and Seattle.

Axiom currently has 26 towers and about 6,000 units under construction.


Lauren Lake


Lauren Lake is the COO and co-founder at Bridgit. She holds a degree in Civil Structural Engineering and is well-versed in construction workforce management and resource planning processes. Lauren has been named to the Forbes Manufacturing & Industry 30 Under 30 and Best Of Canada Forbes Under 30 Innovators lists. Lauren has presented at industry events and conferences, including BuiltWorlds, Canadian Construction Association, Procore Groundbreak, and more. Follow Lauren on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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