Getting the most out of Bridgit Field

Getting the most out of Bridgit Field


“You don’t have to have the arguments. You don’t have to walk the job with every subcontractor, ten times a day. It’s on your own schedule, and Bridgit Field doesn’t allow anybody to forget anything because it’s all automated and online.”

A lot of people think of Bridgit Field as a powerful punch list management solution that’s easy to use. That’s great, and it’s not wrong – in fact, just this year we’ve won a couple of awards along those lines.

But punch lists aren’t the whole story, and if you’re only using Bridgit Field for punch lists then you’re not getting the most out of our solution.

So this post is here to tell you, or maybe to remind you, about a few ways you can put Bridgit to good use on your next project.

Ensuring quality

Inspections and quality control are ongoing elements of any construction project, from the moment ground is broken until an owner walkthrough or PDI. Finding issues early means you can fix them immediately and relatively cheaply, keeping the overall project on-time and within budget.

Plus, beyond simply ensuring quality and reducing rework, inspections play a vital role in ensuring worker safety.

From kick-off to close-out, you can use Bridgit to plan and conduct inspections that ensure the highest levels of quality and safety, by:

Getting work done

From punch lists and defect tracking to work items big and small, managing a construction project involves coordinating thousands of tasks, all of which are part of an interdependent whole.

Keeping your project on-schedule and within budget requires efficiently managing tasks, quickly resolving deficiencies, relentlessly closing out a punch list, and effectively managing the countless subcontractors and trades who come and go on a construction site.

Bridgit helps you get to the finish line faster by effectively and efficiently managing tasks big and small:

Measuring and reporting

Keeping a construction project on-track means making sense of an overwhelming amount of information, to draw clear conclusions that lead to decisive action.

Bridgit lets you make informed decisions and track progress by gathering, sharing, and making sense of data from the field:

Tricks of the trade

Regardless of the jobs you’re doing with Bridgit Field, there are some tried-and-true strategies and tactics you can use to get the best results.

First, take care of the basics — like creating a project, adding project details, and setting up automatic emails — so you can get started, fast. Lots of our customers are up-and-running on the same day, and we want you to join their ranks!

Next, to experience the largest Bridgit benefits, you’ll want to maximize in-field adoption. There are a few things you can do, like sharing the Subcontractor Training Guide and taking a few minutes to demonstrate the app. Probably the most important strategy, though, is to be persistent! Most subcontractors and trades recognize early on that using Bridgit Field makes their jobs less complicated, but some folks need a bit more cajoling.

We also recommend that you learn about our tagging feature and spend a few minutes thinking about how you can best put tags to use. Some of our customers have cited tags as being the most important feature! Using tags can really help you to get and stay organized, which pays major dividends as projects progress.

Throughout the project, it’s important to track progress and share results. Our Insights module comes with built-in reports that show status and progress in easy-to-read graphs and charts, but that’s only a small piece of Bridgit’s reporting functions. Many of Bridgit’s users swear by the custom filtering, reporting, and exporting capabilities, because these features make it very easy to ‘zoom in’ on particular pieces of information.

And on that note, our detailed audit logs and custom reports are a very effective way to increase subcontractor and trade performance, or at the very least to hold people accountable on the job site. The best way to win an opinion fight is with facts and data, and Bridgit Field upplies you with both.

While we definitely take pride in how much users love our punch list management capabilities, our solution can do much more.

We sincerely believe it’ll be worth your while to learn about our additional features and functionality, so you can make your upcoming construction projects less complicated.



Lauren Lake

Lauren Lake is the COO and co-founder at Bridgit. She holds a degree in Civil Structural Engineering and is well-versed in construction workforce management and resource planning processes. Lauren has been named to the Forbes Manufacturing & Industry 30 Under 30 and Best Of Canada Forbes Under 30 Innovators lists. Lauren has presented at industry events and conferences, including BuiltWorlds, Canadian Construction Association, Procore Groundbreak, and more. Follow Lauren on LinkedIn and Instagram.


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