Sync your data with Bridgit Bench and Google Sheets integration

Sync your data with Bridgit Bench and Google Sheets integration

TL:DR – The Bridgit Bench and Google Sheets integration helps you sync your data by importing projects, project opportunities, and any changes to your workforce. When information is updated in Google Sheets, it will automatically be pulled into Bridgit Bench. You can then better forecast the impact it will have on your workforce strategy. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Improve people planning by importing ongoing bids and pencilling in project teams
  • Plan projects for new hires by importing official start dates
  • Improve collaboration by eliminating information silos 

As construction continues to see point solutions and software platforms developed, it’s become critical that new additions share accurate information with your existing tools. In most cases, it’s likely that contractors will have different versions of important documents living in different systems. This increases the likelihood of having different data from one system to the next, which can lead to critical errors and your projects being put at risk.

On the other hand, well-integrated systems allow for seamless flow of information from one solution to the next. That’s why Bridgit Bench, the leading construction workforce intelligence platform, has built a number of integrations with the leading software used in construction. For more information about workforce intelligence, check out this guide.

Google Sheets is one of the leading business applications being used in construction. It helps contractors organize and share their project and workforce information with multiple stakeholders. Bridgit Bench has built a low-code/no-code integration with Google Sheets to automate the transfer of key project and workforce information to ensure your workforce strategy is always up to date. 

Workforce planning is easier when your tools are speaking the same language

Bridgit Bench integrates with the leading construction software including Procore and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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The benefits of integrating your resource planning with Google Sheets

Accurate information flowing between tools can help take your resource strategy to the next level. By integrating Google Sheets with Bridgit Bench, contractors are able to automate the flow of project and workforce information with each update. Importing awarded projects, projects in pursuit, and workforce allocations helps keep project planning proactive instead of reactive. When your full pipeline is pulled into Bridgit Bench, it helps to better understand the impact different projects will have on your workforce strategy.

Some other key benefits of integrating Bridgit Bench with Google Sheets include:

1. Quick starts for new hires

As your team grows, integrating your workforce data in Google Sheets with Bridgit Bench helps to start mapping out projects for new team members before they’ve officially started.

2. Project opportunity and bid tracking

By importing your project opportunities and active bids into Bridgit Bench, you can begin pencilling in project teams and better understand how each project will impact your workforce strategy and project pipeline.

3. Improved collaboration

Integrating your CRM and resource management solutions helps you get started on project planning as soon as a project is won. This helps to reduce any impact from last-minute changes. Earlier forecasting also helps to identify future project demand to help inform recruitment efforts. 

A look at the Bridgit Bench and Google Sheets integration

Google Sheets is a versatile tool for tracking any project or workforce related information. The Bridgit Bench integration with Google Sheets allows you to pull that information from your spreadsheets directly into Bridgit Bench. For example, if you’re using Google Sheets to track workforce data, you can create a custom integration that automatically adds newly hired team members and all their relevant information into your workforce strategy.

The same can be done with your project and project opportunities. Once a new project is added to your Google Sheet, our integration will automatically pull that project and any relevant fields into Bridgit Bench so you can start planning project roles and allocations accordingly.

Bridgit is the leader in workforce intelligence. Our flagship software solution, Bridgit Bench, provides actionable insights and forecasting to ensure contractors get the most out of their team.

Bridgit Bench is also a driver of efficiency and effective decision making across the organization. Bridgit Bench is updated in real time and also has a mobile app. For more useful tips and information, visit our blog.

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