Top construction companies in North Carolina

Top construction companies in North Carolina

According to the Associated General Contractors of America, construction contributed more than $23 billion to North Carolina’s GDP in 2019. The industry also employs more than 221,000 people in the state.

Keep reading to learn more about the top construction companies in North Carolina that contribute to the state’s substantial construction sector, based on revenue data from Engineering News-Record.

Top construction companies in North Carolina

1. Barnhill Contracting Company

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 554.91

Barnhill Contracting Company sits firmly atop the list of top construction companies in North Carolina, bringing in more than $554 million in 2018. The firm is also widely recognized as being one of the top construction contractors in the entire southwestern United States.

Barnhill Contracting Company’s services include:

  • commercial building
  • transportation
  • site infrastructure
  • Asphalt

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2. Balfour Beatty U.S.

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: $485.05

Balfour Beatty U.S. is a construction company headquartered in Dallas, Texas that operates nationwide, including the state of North Carolina.

Balfour Beatty’s services include:

  • building information modeling
  • procurement
  • lean delivery
  • prefabrication
  • pull planning
  • estimating
  • sustainable construction
  • immersive experience planning

Sectors Balfour Beatty U.S. operates in include:

  • rail
  • water
  • highways and bridges
  • Buildings

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3. Rodgers Builders Incorporated

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in million: $412.03

Rodgers Builders Incorporated is among the best builders in Charlotte, NC. It is particularly renowned for its construction management at-risk and healthcare-related services.

Rodgers Builders Incorporated was founded by B.D. Rogers (a Charlotte native) in 1963. It has since one of the top construction companies in Charlotte, NC, having completed several strategic acquisitions and major projects over the past more than five decades.

Rodgers Builders Incorporated’s services include:

  • preconstruction
  • virtual construction
  • construction management
  • design-build
  • integrated project delivery

Sectors Rodgers Builders Incorporated focuses on include:

  • healthcare
  • education
  • senior living

4. James R. Vannoy & Sons Construction Company

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 371

James R. Vannoy & Sons Construction Company is another one of the top builders in Charlotte, NC. It was founded by Jim Vannoy in 1952 in Jefferson, North Carolina. In the 1970s, James’ sons Eddie and Mark joined the family business and helped grow it further, notably introducing a heavy highway business unit.

Services James R. Hannoy & Sons Construction Company provides today include:

  • document management
  • smart site management
  • virtual design and construction
  • laser scanning

The company has several locations in the Carolinas, including Asheville, Charleston, and Anderson.

5. Choate Construction Company

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 330.08

Choate Construction Company was founded in 1989 with just one truck. Through years of hard work, the company has grown to employ more than 480 workers and open six regional offices, including one in Charlotte, NC.

In addition to being one of the top builders in Charlotte, NC, Choate Construction Company is 100% employee-owned. Its areas of expertise include:

  • preconstruction
  • construction
  • virtual design and construction
  • sustainability

Choate Construction Company serves several sectors, including:

  • automotive
  • corporate
  • industrial
  • federal
  • entertainment
  • senior living
  • retail
  • mixed-use
  • multi-family

6. The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 303.06

The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company was founded in 1909 and provides services such as:

  • general contracting
  • design-build
  • integrated project delivery
  • construction management

It serves a laundry list of sectors that includes:

  • energy
  • entertainment
  • sport
  • residential
  • K-12
  • mission-critical
  • office

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7. Samet Corporation

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 290.46

Samet Corporation is a construction and real estate development firm based in the southeastern United States, including Charlotte, NC. Sectors it focuses on include:

  • education
  • healthcare
  • office
  • data
  • sports
  • entertainment

The company provides real estate and construction management services.

Samet Corporation was founded in 1961 by Norman Samet and remains under family leadership, with Arthur Samet taking over for his father in 2000.

Samet Corporation is among the top builders in Charlotte, North Carolina based on the provenance of its accolades, which include Gold Safety Awards from the North Carolina Department of Labor and Greensboro Chamber of Commerce every year since 2003.

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8. S.T. Wooten Corporation

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 281.85

S.T. Wooten Corporation was founded in 1952 by Seth Wooten Sr. Today, it is a materials and construction services company. Materials it provides include:

  • ready mix concrete
  • hot mix asphalt
  • cold asphalt

The firm’s services, meanwhile, include:

  • heavy highway
  • design-build
  • engineering
  • commercial construction
  • residential construction

S.T. Wooten Corporation is based in Wilson, North Carolina.

9. Brasfield & Gorrie LLC

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 270.59

Brasfield & Gorrie LLC is among the top construction companies in Charlotte, NC and ranks 22nd on Engineering News-Record’s national list based on revenue. Its roots trace back to Thos. C. Brasfield Company, a general contracting firm founded in 1921. Its name was changed to Brasfield & Gorrie in 1967.

Brasfield & Gorrie subsequently shifted from working on small remodeling and construction projects to fulfilling much larger needs nationally. Today, it boasts 3,000 employees and an average project value of $29 million.

Brasfield & Gorrie’s services include:

  • safety management
  • construction management
  • design-build
  • inspection
  • quality assurance
  • scheduling
  • procurement
  • building information modeling
  • virtual design
  • inspection

The firm serves an equally-impressive list of sectors, including:

  • commercial
  • aerospace
  • education
  • energy
  • government
  • healthcare
  • water
  • senior living

10. Clancy & Theys Construction Company

Construction contracting revenue (2018) in millions: 270.59

Last but certainly not least on our list of the best builders in NC, we have Clancy & Theys Construction Company.

The firm was founded in 1949 by brothers-in-law E.I. Clancy and John Theys in Raleigh, North Carolina. Clancy’s sons have been at the helm since 1986.

Clancy & Theys provides a focused range of services: construction, preconstruction, and virtual design and construction. Sectors it primarily serves include:

  • non-profit
  • transportation
  • science
  • infrastructure
  • healthcare
  • cultural
  • manufacturing
  • multi-family
  • office
  • Mixed-use

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