Webinar recap: Bridgit Bench product tour

Webinar recap: Bridgit Bench product tour

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Our Head of Marketing led a 30-minute tour of our newest product, Bridgit Bench. We created it to lighten the loads of people handling operations from the construction trailer. Although there is similar technology out there, ours is specific to the construction industry. Now, excessive hours of administration and messy spreadsheets can be a thing of the past. Below is a taste of what was covered:

People view:

  • Provides holistic view of entire workforce

  • Houses historic info in one place (i.e. experience, specializations, salary, notes)

  • View conflicts and instances of over and under-allocation

  • Fields are dynamic and customizable based on needs

  • Set start and end dates

Projects view:

  • Easy visualization of your projects at different time intervals (0 to 12 months)

  • Understanding of project delays, their impact, and process for resolution

  • Ability to forecast amount of work that your team can take on in its current state, and assess need for additional headcount


Lauren Lake

Lauren Lake is the COO and co-founder at Bridgit. She holds a degree in Civil Structural Engineering and is well-versed in construction workforce management and resource planning processes. Lauren has been named to the Forbes Manufacturing & Industry 30 Under 30 and Best Of Canada Forbes Under 30 Innovators lists. Lauren has presented at industry events and conferences, including BuiltWorlds, Canadian Construction Association, Procore Groundbreak, and more. Follow Lauren on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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