Current Builders – ENR #274

How Bridgit Bench is helping to make smarter, swifter workforce planning decisions.

Current Builders – ENR #274

Previous tools: Microsoft Excel

Current Builders is an award-winning general contractor with an equally dynamic concrete subsidiary, CB Structures. Based in Pompano Beach, Florida. The Current Builders’ brand has always been focused on relationships and loyalty, evidenced by the fact that 75% of the company’s projects are commissioned by existing clients.

Meeting the constant deadlines and demands inherent in the construction industry takes tremendous planning. The incorporation of the Bridgit Bench platform has been a transformative addition to the firm’s resource management process. 

“We are committed to providing our clients with excellent results,” said Scott Remer, COO of Current Builders. “And part of that commitment is how we plan and manage the projects. We have always had an efficient system, but with our expansion, we desired a more innovative approach.” 


Current Builders is focused on two primary goals: expanding their operations on Florida’s West Coast and diversifying their workload by growing their project base with educational builds.

While construction resource planning involves many moving parts, Current Builders have even more wrinkles to consider than a typical firm due to its multiple sides. 

Between the general contracting side and the structure side, the company typically has approximately 20 active projects at any given time. On average, the projects on the general contracting side run anywhere from 12-24 months, while the turnover on the structures’ side is typically on an expedited schedule of six to eight months.


Deciding when and where to place project team members is one of the construction resource allocation challenges faced by Current Builders.

In prior years, Current Builders used Excel to assist them in construction resource management. “We had an Excel specialist create our resource planning on a fancy spreadsheet,” said Remer, “but all the customization made it move slowly. Unable to efficiently track our firm’s many moving parts, the spreadsheet also fell short in supporting our forecasting and planning.” 

Making decisions related to construction resource management swiftly is a primary objective for Current Builders, and that requires the ability to quickly capture accurate information.

Scott Remer headshot

“Unlike the Excel spreadsheet, Bridgit Bench is visual, and this element helps our leadership team see what is going on quickly; facilitating good decision-making and promoting more effective and productive meetings.”

Scott Remer, Chief Operating Officer at Current Builders

The construction workforce management tool also acts as a guide for marketing efforts. When the marketing team gathers, they utilize Bridgit Bench to review status reports, allowing them to see open spaces in the schedule and increase marketing plans to secure more contracts.

Bridgit Bench also played an invaluable role in supporting Current Builders’ decision-making when the pandemic first hit.

“We were constantly pulling up Bridgit Bench to check and review manpower to determine who was the best fit for a project. Bridgit Bench helped us make the tough and necessary decisions to keep our projects moving forward in a timely manner.”

Scott Remer, Chief Operating Officer at Current Builders

This isn’t surprising – it’s just more proof that Current Builders’ foundation is its relationships—with employees and clients alike! By using Bridgit Bench, Current Builders can expedite construction resource management decisions while supporting their employees in a way that results in the optimal building project experience for developers.

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