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Bridgit Bench.

There’s a few things Canada has figured out. Construction workforce planning is one of them. Get back to what you do best – managing people, not spreadsheets.

Set a new standard for your construction data

The #1 workforce planning software in North America just touched down in Australia and New Zealand.

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Spreadsheets are worse than an invasive species

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Stay ahead of labour shortages.

Next-generation forecasting

All-in-one forecasting brings your entire organization together to build a truly strategic pipeline.

  • Surface hiring & training needs well in advance
  • Identify skills gaps across your team
  • Track people data to support career development and employee satisfaction
  • Visualize supply/demand and share resources across your offices

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Put your people first.

Spreadsheets are taking you away from what matters most – your people

Get ready for real-time visibility. See where your people are, how long they’ll be there, and where they’re going next.

Cleaner than Tasmanian air.

Take the mess out of your workforce planning

Workforce planning doesn’t have to be sorting through hundreds of emails and updating spreadsheets, only for them to become outdated the next day.

With Bridgit Bench, you can empower your team to collaborate on workforce needs no matter where they are. No emails. No phone calls. No gatekeepers.

Build a best-in-class tech stack

Hundreds of integration options

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