Bridgit Bench for self-performing contractors.

Bridgit Bench for self-perform construction allows you to centralize your project and labor data in one solution. Boost visibility on all projects for your own team, and gain better control over your ability to leverage your expertise within the industry. Easily manage your labor requests and assignments with insight into availability and skill sets, and keep your team in the loop with assignment notifications.

Project and field resources, all in one place

It’s time to eliminate the headache of using multiple systems to manage  labor for every project within the construction industry. Bridgit Bench has expanded its leading workforce management solution to include self-performing construction teams. Add self-perform to your current solution and quickly gain oversight of your entire project and labor force strategies alongside additional insights into your key construction activities.

Labor requests and assignments in real time

Using the Bridgit Bench mobile application, superintendents can make detailed, real-time labor requests directly from the job site into the schedule across multiple self-performing projects. Those requests are then funneled into your request list to streamline labor assignments and make the building process more efficient. Using real-time communication reduces delays, increases efficiency, and helps any self-performing enterprise elevate their performance.

Keep your team up to date

Keeping your team updated with project assignments is half the battle, and open communication is a good practice within the self-performing construction industry. Bridgit Bench for self-perform helps eliminate the need for endless email messages, texts, and phone calls by allowing text message notifications to be sent to all stakeholders and trade partners.

The details inform the bigger picture

Bridgit Bench allows you to customize the details for your self-perform teams. You can track skills, experience, location, certifications, or any detail to ensure you’re assigning the right person to the right project, saving you valuable time that can instead go towards responsibly completing tasks with minimal delays. Bridgit Bench lets you put together dependable schedules to optimize the entire project and boost your self performing capabilities.

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Bridgit Bench is designed to enable self-performing general contractors to derive the greatest benefit out of each project. See how our industry-first self-performing resource planning solution revolutionizes how contractors plan, schedule, and manage their labor force.

“There is a newdawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers O’Brien

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