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Bridgit Bench streamlines and helps build long-term strategies for your most important resource – your people.

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We asked our team for some of their favorite reasons they love working with our customers.
Here’s what they had to say!

“We get really excited when customers trust and partner with us to bringnew solutions to marketand challenge the status quo because that’s when progress happens!”

Mallorie Brodie
Gabby Berardi

“I love how eager they are to share feedback with us and to help make Bridgit Bench the best possible tool it can be. Working with our customers feels like atrue partnership– they want to see us be successful just as much as we want to help them be successful. It’s a win-win relationship!”

“They make our product infinitely better with theirphenomenal feedback!”

Dave Pimskern
Kate Brandt

“Everyone we talk to is so different and it’s great being able to talk to a wide variety of people withdifferent insights into the industry. There hasn’t been a single call I’ve been on where I haven’t learned something new.”

“I love asking questions about where they live, etc. and it’s also interesting to see how certain geographical elements can actually affect the way in whichthey use Bench.”

Robyn Wilson
Tara Cybulski

“I love our customers because they’re open tochanging processesthat have been in place for years (decades) – that’s a BIG ask.”

Purpose-built workforce planning for every general contractor.

Bridgit works with North America’s largest builders and we have fun every step of the way! We help general contractors plan people effectively, forecast staffing needs, and get teams in on the action.

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