Construction manpower planning

Improving communication in your organization

There has been endless business research done that suggests that most companies are well aware that an effective communication plan has an incredible impact on project outcomes and construction workforce management, or WFM. The Project Management Institute has written a report that quantifies the impact that ineffective communication can have on projects, their outcomes, and the overall success of the business.

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Release notes: Project Gantt enhancements

Meetings have taken the working world in North America by storm. In fact, there are roughly 25 million meetings per day in the US alone. It’s estimated that more than $37 billion dollars are spent on unproductive meetings each year.

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Construction software and the new workforce plan

With an influx of software solutions being adopted by the construction market, it’s surprising to see that the pace of change is yet to be applied to people and workforce data. Fundamental shifts in technology create changing expectations of your workforce – but equally important changing expectations from your workforce.

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