Automatic employee updates with Bridgit Bench and BambooHR integration

Automatic employee updates with Bridgit Bench and BambooHR integration

TL:DR – The Bridgit Bench and BambooHR integration allows contractors to automatically update employee information and sync data across platforms. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Optimized allocations using employee start and end dates
  • Seamless workforce updates
  • Improved collaboration 

As the construction industry continues to strive for the perfect tech stack, it’s become increasingly important that new additions speak the same language as their existing tools. Decision-making data can often fall victim to corporate silos, which can lead to organizational strategies being created without seeing the whole picture.

Well-integrated systems allow for seamless flow of information from one solution to the next. That’s why Bridgit Bench, the leading workforce intelligence provider, has built a number of integrations with the most-used point solutions in construction. For more information about workforce intelligence, check out this guide.

BambooHR is one of the leading HRM solutions currently being used in the construction industry. It helps to centralize and track all people, contracts, career development, salaries, certifications, and other key information. Bridgit Bench has built a low-code/no-code integration with BambooHR to automate the transfer of key information to create a winning workforce strategy. 

The benefits of integrating your resource planning with BambooHR

The Bridgit Bench and BambooHR integration helps contractors track changes to their employee information. By integrating with BambooHR, Bridgit customers are able to import and track key people data like new hire start dates, termination dates, and any changes to individual titles.

Some other key benefits of integrating Bridgit Bench with BambooHR include:

1. Optimized workforce allocations

The BambooHR integration helps contractors by importing new hires, and their respective start dates, into Bridgit Bench before they join the team. By including a new hire’s start date, contractors are able to map out their first projects without the risk of assigning them before they’ve officially started.

2. Seamless updates

With our integration, Bridgit Bench will capture any changes to team member titles, salaries, or any key information stored in BambooHR. This ensures the workforce strategy into the coming months and years is using the most up-to-date employee information.

3. Meaningful collaboration

Our integration helps to eliminate manual data entry and non-productive work. By reducing the amount of manual maintenance required, contractors are able to foster meaningful, collaborative discussions about workforce strategy with their HR team.

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A look at the Bridgit Bench and BambooHR integration

BambooHR helps contractors track details for their entire workforce, including: 

  • Contracts
  • Certifications and training
  • Work history
  • Skill sets 

The Bridgit Bench integration with BambooHR allows contractors to easily automate the flow of data from one tool to the other. This integration helps contractors synchronize their employee lists and information with their workforce planning to ensure all relevant decision making data is up to date.

Bridgit will also do the heavy lifting to build custom integrations with BambooHR. This allows them to stay ahead of their new hire project allocations. For example, a contractor can pull a new intern’s information into Bridgit Bench, which can include their start and end dates. Bridgit Bench will recognize both dates and limit project allocation dates accordingly.

Bridgit is the leader in workforce intelligence. Our flagship software solution, Bridgit Bench, provides actionable insights and forecasting to ensure contractors get the most out of their team.

Bridgit Bench is also a driver of efficiency and effective decision making across the organization. Bridgit Bench is updated in real time and also has a mobile app. For more useful tips and information, visit our blog.

Workforce planning is easier when your tools are speaking the same language

Bridgit Bench integrates with the leading construction software including Procore and Autodesk Construction Cloud.

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