Why Bridgit Bench is better than spreadsheets for construction workforce planning

Thinking of upgrading your workforce planning tools? Here are five reasons to make the switch.

Five reasons why Bridgit Bench is better than spreadsheets for workforce planning

Bridgit Bench is built to handle the dynamic, complex nature of construction workforce planning. It’s designed with flexibility in mind and can be customized to meet your organization’s needs.

We know spreadsheets have been the standard for resource management, but their tedious manual data entry and susceptibility to error have left operations managers spending more time maintaining their spreadsheets than managing their people. So, let’s talk about why you should upgrade to Bench today.

Five reasons you should upgrade to Bridgit Bench

1. Real-time visibility

In an instant, Bridgit Bench gives clarity over where your people are, how long they’ll be there, and where they’re going next. That can also include resources across multiple offices or regions. No manual data entry. No risk of human error.

2. No emails, phone calls, or information gatekeeping

Bridgit Bench Gantt View

Bridgit Bench is collaborative workforce planning and helps ensure your people have access to the information they need to inform their work. Save your team the headache of consolidating mountains of emails and get everyone in on the planning.

3. Welcome to Integration Nation

Streamline your workflows by pulling the right information at the right time from a wide selection of construction-specific software. Don’t worry, we integrate with non-construction-specific software too.

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Bridgit Bench Forecasting View

4. Stay ahead with next-generation forecasting

All-in-one forecasting helps you plan for the long haul with Utilization Rate charts, Pursuit Management, and Bench Cost reports. You can run scenarios with specific pursuits to see the impact each would have on your workforce. Identify trends, spot the gaps, and build a truly strategic project pipeline.

5. Break down silos between offices

Finally, Bridgit Bench can support multiple offices within the same account. That means, one office can check for available resources in another office that are willing to travel. This helps maintain a strong utilization rate across all locations, reduce short-term hires, and expand your available talent pool of skilled workers.

Plan your workforce strategically to grow and retain your top talent. Derive solutions that help you realize the full potential of your employees.

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