Communications in Bridgit Bench

cut the complexity

Communicating updates to your team can be a pain in the assignment

If there isn’t a standardized process for communicating assignments out to your team, digging for the right contact information can suddenly take more time than it feels worth.

With Assignment Alerts in Bench, you can keep your team updated on where they’re headed next. Quick and easy. Did we mention you can schedule and send Alerts in bulk too?

Assignment alert in Bridgit Bench
extra! extra!

Is sending the same updates to multiple people wasting your time?

If so, you’ll love the Broadcast in Bridgit Bench. Send custom email and text messages to entire project teams. Or apply filters to your people and Bench will use them to inform your send list. That way you can quickly send out Broadcasts to specific groups of people.

Need to send certification update reminders, but only to your Project Managers? Consider it done. Easy peasy.

Account level broadcast in Bridgit Bench
Keeping eyes on the prize

Keep your other Bench users looped in with @mentions

Sometimes you don’t need to send Alerts or Broadcasts out to your field teams. You just need Debra down the hall to know you’re bumping out her project a couple of weeks.

Simple communications can be just that – simple. Just open the notes in your projects or people, throw in an @mention, and Bench will let Debra know her eyes are needed on your change.

Note @ mentions in Bridgit Bench
Daniel Barry, SchimentiDaniel Barry,
VP of Operations, Schimenti Construction Company

Now, everyone’s putting information in one platform. This helps for multiple reasons; you don’t have to get on the phone or email, you can just pull up Bridgit Bench on your phone or laptop and see where there are available resources. Using Bench as a live document between all our offices, we’re able to set up our teams for success.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.<br>Hundreds of integration options.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.
Hundreds of integration options.

Automatically import your project data and get back to managing your team.

Import awarded and pursuit projects to create long-term workforce strategies.

Import key project information to ensure the best allocation of your people.

Get more granular scenario planning by importing awarded and pursuit projects.