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Build your project teams.

Have successful project teams you’d like to repeat? Copy the roles from your historical projects. Want to template your project roles based on their build type, size, or revenue? Yea, Bench can do that too.

Once you’ve built your ideal team setup, use Smart Suggestions to quickly add your best-fit team members.

Placing a person to a project in Bridgit Bench
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Say goodbye to endless manual updates

We understand the frustration of having to update your data and your teams manually. With Bench, you can quickly make bulk updates to your project assignments. If you need to shift a project or phase date, Bench will let you decide who moves out with it.

Need to let your team know where they’re headed next or changes to their projects? You got it. Quickly send Assignment Alerts or Broadcasts to your entire team via email or SMS.

Bridgit Bench Assignment Alerts
Bridgit Bench

One team. One tool.

  • Accurate, accessible data for collaborative planning

    Bridgit Bench has been carefully permissioned so you can invite your entire team to review information ahead of meetings, make updates where necessary, and ensure everyone’s time is being used effectively.
  • Project admins and field staffing – all in one place

    Stop jumping back and forth between multiple tools to plan your workforce. Bridgit Bench is your complete workforce planning solution. From long-term project admin to short-term craft workers, we’ll make sure Bench is your single source of truth for your entire workforce.
Shawn Gallant, ColumbiaShawn Gallant,
VP of Corporate Development, Columbia Construction Co.

Nobody likes to be dictated what they’re going to do. They want to control who’s on their projects and they need to be empowered to do that. We still meet once a week as a group to run through what we’re proposing and what we want to change, but it’s really dramatically changed the attitude of workforce management from being terrible to them loving it because they’re empowered.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.<br>Hundreds of integration options.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.
Hundreds of integration options.

Automatically import your project data and get back to managing your team.

Import awarded and pursuit projects to create long-term workforce strategies.

Import key project information to ensure the best allocation of your people.

Get more granular scenario planning by importing awarded and pursuit projects.