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Q&A with Power Construction

Leverage resource planning across the construction lifecycle.

Q&A with Sabre Commercial

Going cross-functional with resource planning.

Q&A with McHugh Construction

Implementing digital resource planning in a remote world.

How we build now: Procore & Bridgit

Bridgit’s co-founders on making construction less complicated.

Q&A with Ridgemont

Breaking down resource planning silos.

Q&A with La Macchia Group

Implementing new construction tech in times of uncertainty.

Q&A with Katerra

Resource planning in an ever-changing environment.

Q&A with Sellen Construction

How to overcome COVID-19 resource planning challenges.

Q&A with Compass Construction

How to cut your resource planning prep time by 84%.

Q&A with Gardon Construction

How to increase operational efficiency with resource planning.

Product videos

Strategic Workforce Plan Report

With the new Strategic Workforce Plan Report, Bridgit Bench helps you make better staffing decisions. The report shows you an accurate image of workforce capacity and project demand for both projects and project opportunities, allowing you to filter by role to get granular insights on your workforce needs.

Pursuit Tracking

Create more meaningful collaboration with your business development team by tracking project bids and opportunities directly in Bridgit Bench using Pursuit Tracking. Import your project pipeline and start planning your project team without impacting your utilization rate.

Phase-based resource planning

Bridgit Bench has streamlined project role management and now allows you to easily create project roles based on phase dates, and provides complete control over which project roles and phases should be impacted when project and phase dates change.

People Gantt Reporting

Bridgit Bench has added a reporting feature for the People Gantt, allowing users to export highly-visual, detailed PDF reports.

People Gantt Enhancements

Bridgit Bench now has new ways to leverage the People Gantt. You can search for specific team members, apply filters for specific fields to narrow your focus, and customize your People Gantt to provide visibility on all active and upcoming project allocations.

Forcecasting Dashboard

Bridgit Bench has released a new premium module in beta– the Forecasting Dashboard. The first report will focus on workforce utilization and provide operations with an overview of their average and true utilization rates up to 5 years ahead.


Communication is crucial to project success, and high-level communication is crucial for company success. Printed reports remain one of the best ways to communicate workforce plans and project changes. Here, we’ll take a quick look at a customized report being created and sent to print.

Allocation Filtering

Bridgit Bench has launched robust filtering that can now be leveraged when allocating a person to a project. You can now filter by any custom people field, here is quick walkthrough of allocation filtering in action!

Custom Permissions

Bridgit Bench has the ability for users to create and name custom permission groups specific to their company needs, and assign different users to those permission groups in their account settings.

Employment Dates

Bridgit Bench supports adding Employment Dates – giving you an accurate record of workforce availability by allowing you to set hire and termination dates, as well as periods of unavailability for team members that can’t be allocated to projects for an extended period of time.

Innovation Spotlight webinar series

Taking a people-first approach to growth

Join Bridgit CEO Mallorie Brodie as she discusses innovation and a people-first approach to growth with Leon Foster, Chief Performance Officer at The Lemoine Company.

The future of data management and analytics

Join Bridgit COO Lauren Lake as she discusses the growing role of data management and analytics with ALICE Technologies founder, Rene Morkos.

Honest conversations

Diversity, equity and inclusion within construction

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Lora McMillan, Manager of Special Projects at Ledcor. Lora has over 15 years experience in the construction industry, and as both a woman and a member of the LGBTQ community she has developed unique perspectives on the nature of the construction industry through her lived experiences.

The evolution and adoption of tech in construction

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Danielle O’Connell, Director of Emerging Technology at Skanska. Join us as we dive into Danielle’s path through the construction industry, the challenges involved in adopting tech in construction, why emerging technologies are so important, and more!

Unique perspectives from a SR. Project Manager

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Derek Lemmon, Senior Project Manager at Clune Construction. Join us as we dive into Derek’s path through the construction industry, the value of mentorship in construction, his unique approach to managing stress, and more!

The transition to project manager

Our guest on Honest Conversations today is Armando Chocron, Project Manager at Accel Construction Management. Join us as we dive into why Armando thinks a Masters can have so much value in construction, the struggles and best advice for transitioning between roles, the value of experience, and more! 

Off the bench | Bridgit vlog

Get more out of your workforce data

Join our host, Michael Costa, as he breaks down the benefits of sharing your workforce data across the organization.

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