Forecasting Dashboard

better pipeline planning

See the bigger picture with Pursuit Tracking and Scenario Planning

Bridge the gap between operations and business development by tracking your project pursuits in Bench. Add project roles and pencil in your ideal team without impacting utilization rates.

The best part? You can run scenarios with your pursuits to see their potential impact on your team.

More people or more projects?

Avoid resource gaps with the Supply & Demand reporting

Your HR and Business Development teams will never look back again. The Strategic Workforce Plan accurately shows project demand for both awarded and pursuit projects and compares it against your team’s capacity.

At a glance, you’ll be able to see when you need more people or when you’ll need more work.

Advanced forecasting

Plan ahead. Stay ahead.

Bench Cost graph in Bridgit Bench
  • Never lose track of the demands on your field teams

    Use the Hourly Workforce Report to keep tabs on the planned hours for your craft workers in the coming weeks and months, giving you a clear idea of the demand on your craft and field teams.
  • See the cost of underutilized people

    Workforce Utilization reports will help identify where your team can take on more work and when they might be spread too thin. The Bench Cost report shows the total cost of your underutilized people month over month.

    Don’t worry; Bench Cost can easily be kept private from your larger team.
ThumbnailEd McCauley,
VP of Innovation, Wohlsen Construction

In Bridgit Bench, what-if scenarios are easy to put in place. We can see what the impact is, learn on the fly, and make quicker decisions. I think that the speed to the decision that Bench gives us has helped in planning and determining go/no-go scenarios. We can ensure that we have the talent to put on the project to be successful for ourselves and also for the clients.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.<br>Hundreds of integration options.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.
Hundreds of integration options.

Automatically import your project data and get back to managing your team.

Import awarded and pursuit projects to create long-term workforce strategies.

Import key project information to ensure the best allocation of your people.

Get more granular scenario planning by importing awarded and pursuit projects.