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Ops and Field Ops under one roof

One source of truth, carefully permissioned

Bridgit Bench helps to centralize your entire workforce planning into a single platform, but we understand the importance of keeping your team’s focus on the information that matters most.

That’s why we’ve built in thoughtful permissions to ensure your people only have the access they need to do their job effectively.

People Gantt in Bridgit Bench
Flexible planning

Assign your team by allocation percentage or working days/hours

Accurate planning and forecasting require accurate data. With Bridgit Bench, you can allocate your project teams by utilization percentage, and your self-perform teams by working days.

That means accurate labor forecasting for your operations team and better insights into the self-perform hours and costs for your field ops.

Keep your team connected

Communicate with your people right from Bench

Bridgit Bench includes enhanced Assignment Alerts so you can communicate project assignments to your people in more ways.

You can also use the Broadcast to send updates to your entire workforce or specific project teams to let them know about weather shutdowns, delays, or social events.

account level broadcast in Bridgit Bench
ThumbnailBrian Hood,
VP of Field Ops, DeAngelis Diamond

The question for me has always been, ‘How do you manage resources when 50% of your time is in the office and 50% of your time is in the field?’ Thanks to Bridgit and the Bench mobile app, regardless of where I am, I’m able to stay in touch with our resource plan and have visibility into what is upcoming.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.<br>Hundreds of integration options.

Build a best-in-class tech stack.
Hundreds of integration options.

Automatically import your project data and get back to managing your team.

Import awarded and pursuit projects to create long-term workforce strategies.

Import key project information to ensure the best allocation of your people.

Get more granular scenario planning by importing awarded and pursuit projects.