Bridgit Bench for general contractors.

Bridgit Bench helps you stay ahead of staffing needs and optimize your construction resource management.

Purpose-built resource planning for every general contractor.

As one the leading software innovations in Canada, Bridgit Bench was built specifically to drive operational efficiency and workforce effectiveness. Easily manage all project roles and allocations with full project and workforce oversight. Bridgit Bench’s features include:

Effortless people management

Enhance your workforce planning with complete employee oversight – from current and future projects to overlapping workload issues. Identify under and over-allocated staff and fix problems before they have an impact.

Track skills and experience with project history and fields like willingness to relocate, hire date, and many more construction workforce planning metrics. Add certifications and relevant attachments to get warnings when they’re close to expiry.

Completely Customizable

Flexible construction management software that allows for custom project and people fields, project roles and phases, and permission groups. Leverage our open API for custom integrations, Autodesk Construction Cloud integration and partner card, Procore embedded app, or choose from our suite of integrations.

Better Project Management

Our general contractor software helps you visualize your entire project timeline and workforce management flow. Maintain and meet your workforce needs – create custom allocations based on labor requirements, assign people based on availability, and identify allocation issues in real time with a 5 year look-ahead of your projects.

Two Dynamic Dashboards

Visualize the big picture in real time with a robust allocation dashboard for immediate access to daily resource allocations, resource statuses of current and future projects, and any unfilled project roles. The forecasting dashboard helps you stay ahead of project demand, make informed recruitment decisions, and understand the impact of project changes immediately.

Custom Reporting

Custom, detailed construction management reports keep everyone on the same page during meetings. Enable your teams with high-level communication to increase project and workforce app awareness, ensuring you start every project off on the right foot.

Resource planning for self-performing general contractors.

Bridgit Bench allows you to consolidate your project and field operations in one place. With Bridgit Bench for self-perform, general contractors gain complete oversight over their entire labor force. Bridgit Bench for self-perform includes:

Centralized labor data

Your entire project and field labor force in one cloud based, easy-to-use solution.

Labor requests

Streamlined labor requests on-the-go with the Bridgit Bench mobile app.


Keep your teams up to date with with automated text message assignment notifications.

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