Better forecasting with Bridgit Bench and Microsoft Dynamics integration

Better forecasting with Bridgit Bench and Microsoft Dynamics integration

TL:DR – The Bridgit Bench and Microsoft Dynamics integration allows contractors to transfer key project data from their Dynamics CRM and 365 tools into Bridgit Bench. Contractors can then better forecast the impact changes will have on their workforce strategy and can make changes accordingly. The benefits of this integration include:

  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and human error
  • Improved decision making with accurate, up-to-date information
  • Early forecasting that helps stay ahead of project planning

Project and resource planning can often be a very fluid, dynamic process. As contractors continue to expand their software stacks, it’s become critical that new additions speak the same language as existing solutions. In most cases, it’s likely that contractors will have different versions of important documents living in different systems. This increases the likelihood of having different data from one system to the next, leading to critical errors and projects being put at risk.

On the other hand, well-integrated systems allow for seamless flow of information from one solution to the next. That’s why Bridgit Bench has built a number of integrations with the leading systems being used by contractors today. For more information about workforce intelligence, check out this guide.

Microsoft Dynamics is one of the leading CRM tools and business applications being used in construction. It helps contractors centralize their customer relationship data including all projects, pursuits, clients, and suppliers. Bridgit Bench has built a low-code/no-code integration with Microsoft Dynamics. This helps to automate the transfer of key project information based on the current stage of a project pursuit. 

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The benefits of integrating your resource planning with Microsoft Dynamics

Forward-looking project planning can help take contractors resource strategy to the next level. By integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 or CRM with Bridgit Bench, contractors are able to automate the flow of project information as soon as a project is updated. Earlier forecasting helps keep the planning process proactive. When a project is won and pulled into Bridgit Bench, it allows you to better understand the impact projects will have on your workforce strategy.

Some other key benefits of integrating Bridgit Bench with Microsoft Dynamics CRM or 365 include:

1. Streamlined data transfer

As you win new projects, data will be automatically imported into Bridgit Bench. That means you can start planning out your workforce allocations. With the Microsoft Dynamics integration, you can stay focused on driving better workforce decisions without having to worry about manual entries.

2. Better decision making

Allowing Bridgit Bench to connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM or 365 helps to improve decision making across the organization. By providing up-to-date information on all your projects and people, you’re better equipped to stay ahead of any risk to your projects.

3. Earlier forecasting and proactive planning

Integrating your CRM and resource management solutions helps you get started on project planning as soon as a project is won. This helps to reduce any impact from last-minute changes. Earlier forecasting also helps to identify future project demand to help inform recruitment efforts. 

4. Eliminate errors and duplicate data entry

By automating the flow of information, you’re able to maximize your productive time by eliminating manual entries and cross-platform discrepancies.

A look at the Bridgit Bench and Microsoft Dynamics integration

The Microsoft Dynamics 365 system allows contractors to track active and historical projects, as well as all project bids and pursuits. The Bridgit Bench integration with Dynamics 365 allows contractors to pull project information from Microsoft Dynamics directly into Bridgit Bench. One of the key benefits to this integration is the ability to attach specific conditions. These conditions allow you to dictate when project information gets transferred.

Bridgit Bench customers can create custom integrations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and 365. This helps to pull project data only once an opportunity has been won, or has met a specific condition. For example, you may only want project data pulled into Bridgit Bench once the opportunity has a 25% win percentage. Contractors can then immediately understand the impact it will have on their team’s capacity and can start planning resources accordingly.

Bridgit is the leader in workforce intelligence. Our flagship software solution, Bridgit Bench, provides actionable insights and forecasting to ensure contractors get the most out of their team.

Bridgit Bench is also a driver of efficiency and effective decision making across the organization. Bridgit Bench is updated in real time and also has a mobile app. For more useful tips and information, visit our blog.

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