Our $24 Million CAD Series B

Our $24 Million CAD Series B

Today we announce a $24 Million CAD Series B. This is the next step in a journey that has seen tremendous growth since the launch of Bridgit Bench in 2019. Our goal at Bridgit has always been to do something big and to do it our own way. With a unique product, a loyal customer base, and an all-star team, Bridgit has the foundation to get there. This funding is fuel we’re adding to the fire. Go big or go home!


When we started Bridgit, we knew nothing of what the path forward would look like. Did we think that 9 years later we’d be working on an entirely different product, have close to 100 employees, and would be working with nearly 20% of the ENR400 list after only months in-market? Not at all. Not because we didn’t have the dreams to get there, but because dreaming wasn’t practical at that time. It was survival mode and making it to the next day, let alone week, was all we could focus on.

But as those early days wore on, Bridgit survived to see the next day, and the next, and each challenge we overcame helped to build a steady confidence that we could figure out the next barrier that stood in our way. Come hell or high water, we were going to make this thing work.

This attitude became baked into Bridgit’s culture and as the team grew, each individual embodied this spirit, determination, and scrappiness. It was the team’s collective optimism and resilience that allowed Bridgit to take a leap of faith and pivot directions just 2 years ago. After 6 years spent building our Bridgit Field product and customer base, this was no easy decision. But markets are ever-changing and as the construction software industry progressed we could see that our Bridgit Field product, as great as it was, was not the path forward to building a company of the scale we desired. Innovate or die, we said. And that was that. We started to look for the next problem to solve in the construction industry and heard from large general contractors about their struggles with workforce management. Bridgit Bench was born.

With the launch of Bridgit Bench, we saw unbelievable market adoption. General contractors were looking for ways to put people first in decision-making and Bridgit Bench did exactly that. In 2020, our revenue grew by 2.5x and we’re on track to do it again in 2021.

While this growth has been incredible, the path to get here has taken many twists and turns. As we often say, Bridgit is an unconventional company. We’ve marched to the beat of our own drum for much of what we’ve done and it’s what we love about this company. If there’s one thing that Bridgit symbolizes to us, it’s that a different way is possible. Our team is diverse – we all come from different walks of life and we each bring a new perspective to any situation. Many of us had never worked in tech before Bridgit and don’t fit the stereotypical profile of someone who does. Bridgit’s success has everything to do with the team and the uniqueness of each individual. We are a people-first company, building software to help construction companies continue to put their people first. This is what inspires us everyday.

This Series B financing marks the next milestone on Bridgit’s journey. When we started to talk to general contractors about their challenges with workforce management, we realized that it was so much bigger than just replacing a spreadsheet. People are at the center of everything a construction company is doing and we are eager to continue expanding our product to serve the many adjacent opportunities our customers have worked with us to identify. We are excited to grow and invest in our team, to deliver more value to our customers, and to ultimately further our lead in the market.


We have ambitious goals for the future of Bridgit. Now we have the funding to accelerate our growth and capture the market even faster.

We’re going big!

Mallorie Brodie & Lauren Lake
Co-Founders of Bridgit