How Bridgit Bench helps Rogers-O’Brien streamline resource planning across 4 offices

How Bridgit Bench helps Rogers-O’Brien streamline resource planning across 4 offices

Previous tools: Microsoft Excel

Founded in 1969, Rogers-O’Brien Construction (RO) has established itself as a leading general contractor in Texas. For more than five decades, RO has provided a wide range of preconstruction and construction management services while cultivating a team-centered environment built on honesty and trust.

They currently rank no. 135 on the Engineering News Record (ENR) list of top 400 national contractors, where they’ve consistently ranked for over 20 years. 

With four offices across Texas, Rogers-O’Brien’s controlled growth approach has resulted in over $2 billion in construction volume over the past five years.

The challenge

For years, RO has managed their resources using a combination of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. “We had three separate spreadsheets, managed by three different operations leaders, among four different regions,” explains Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer at RO. “We were struggling with our workforce management before we found Bridgit Bench.”

As they continued to grow their business to service the greater Texas area, Wynne knew that “by digitally transforming how we manage our workforce planning, we would see a decrease in manual workflows and an increase in time saved.”

Keeping their approach to controlled growth in mind, RO began evaluating resource management software that could provide value beyond their Dallas HQ and help centralize resource planning across their offices. On top of that, RO wanted a solution that could scale with their organization as it continues to grow.

The solution

Because resource management software is considered a greenfield solution in construction (new to the industry), RO started evaluating options with a very straightforward approach: they were looking to automate workflows and reduce time spent managing their spreadsheets across their four offices. They also wanted a solution that could easily scale alongside their growth.

“There is a new dawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer at Rogers-O’Brien

When introduced to Bridgit Bench, the team at RO was impressed by the forward-looking, data-driven approach to resource management. “We knew immediately that when we start using Bridgit Bench, we would be gaining huge business value,” Wynne explained of his first impressions of Bridgit Bench. 

“Bridgit Bench has helped us gain a high-level understanding of our resource needs,” Wynne explained further. “It also helps us forecast future project needs, and speed up resource planning meetings through a single construction workforce intelligence solution.”

“Bridgit Bench has helped us greatly reduce overhead carry. It does so by allowing us to clearly see future obstacles early and allows us to take action and mitigate them.”

Johnathon Grammer, Director of Quality at Rogers-O’Brien

After becoming familiar with Bridgit Bench in their Dallas headquarters, RO has seamlessly rolled it out across their remaining offices in Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Though implementing software across four offices can be a tall order, Johnathon Grammer, Director of Quality at RO reassures that “the ease of use and intuitive nature of Bridgit Bench makes implementation and support almost a hands-off process.”

By consolidating workforce and project data from all four offices, RO now has greater insight into their overall workforce strategy and can better manage their growth with forward-looking insights. “Bridgit Bench has empowered us with intelligent pursuits,” says Wynne. “Now, we can maximize our team’s efforts in developing the right pursuits.”

“Bridgit Bench gets down to understanding, organizing, and optimizing your workforce. If you’re not using it, you might be leaving money on the table, or unintendedly leaving it on the bench.”

Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer at Rogers-O’Brien

Now, RO’s resource plan is streamlined, digital, and integrated with their existing CRM solution using the Bridgit Bench API. As a top user, RO also regularly leverages Bridgit Bench features like project and people Gantt views, multi-account views, and the iOS and Android mobile apps.

RO is also actively helping Bridgit by providing valuable feedback. “The team at Bridgit does a fantastic job of taking our feedback and putting it into their pipeline of development, continuously delivering enhancements to us with a strong feedback loop and value to both companies,” says Grammer. 

How has Bridgit Bench been received across the organization? Wynne put it simply. “I’m never going back. I go into Bridgit Bench every single day”.

Advancing Construction Operational Excellence

Mallorie Brodie, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder at Bridgit, joined Todd Wynne, Chief Innovation Officer at RO, at Advancing Construction Operational Excellence 2021 for a session on “Maximizing Resource Planning to Drive Operational Efficiency and Workforce Effectiveness.”

The 30-minute session covered:

  • Reflecting on 2020: Assess industry organizational inefficiencies and discover where to prioritize operational excellence in the future
  • Strategic insight from Rogers-O’Brien into how to optimize construction workforce planning across organizations to enhance business and project results
  • Looking forward to 2021: Overview of operations trends in construction

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