Construction reporting made easy

Great communication can eliminate confusion and provide clarity when making important decisions. That’s why Bridgit Bench provides you with the ability to gain a proper overview of your work efficiency by building and exporting custom reports, including People and Project List reports, Project Gantt and expanded Project Gantt reports. Project managers responsible for daily reports will find this tool invaluable.

Construction report software that keeps stakeholders in the know

With customizable reporting in Bridgit Bench, you’re able to effectively monitor your construction projects and communicate workforce plans to keep everyone up to date. This helps keep your team aligned and allows for contributions to maximize your labor strategy. From potential risks and delays to positive trends in recent performance, generating construction reports with all the information you need has never been easier.

Keep data compatible with flexible export formats

Bridgit Bench construction reporting software allows you to choose how you want your data presented, with options to export highly visual PDF reports and standard format CSV files for Microsoft Excel and other applications. These construction reports will have high-value information for project stakeholders and can easily be parsed for everything from daily reports to full details regarding the project.

Industry-standard Gantt and expanded Gantt layouts

Bridgit Bench construction project reporting services allow you to create custom Project Gantt reports to monitor your project progress, dependencies, and deadlines. You can also expand your construction report for an overview of project allocations and overlapping workloads. Gain better clarity on the full details through reports that leverage technology towards productivity. With the help of our construction reporting services, you can easily understand how your projects and resource allocations are unfolding to ensure no one is dropping the ball.

Maintain a single source of truth with intuitive construction field reporting software

Accurate, easy-to-use construction field reporting software allows executives and stakeholders within a construction business to monitor and track the progress of multiple projects at once along with their relevant processes. With the help of our construction reports, operations teams are also able to identify and remedy small issues before they become problematic.

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O'Brien

“There is a newdawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O’Brien

Workforce intelligence for construction

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