Bridgit Bench and Hubspot integration

Centralize your project pipeline tracking with our Hubspot integration. Import key project information to ensure accurate and optimal allocation of your resources.

Track your project pipeline in Bridgit Bench

Bridgit Bench will pull project start and end dates, key notes, and other vital information to optimize your project and resource pipeline. Whether you’re planning your future pipeline or making changes to current projects on the fly, the Hubspot integration will accommodate your project needs.

Optimize your project forecasting

As your Hubspot database changes, so will your project pipeline in Bridgit Bench. With the Hubspot integration, you can easily import and track project changes in Bridgit Bench and get a clear view of the impact to your resource strategy.

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Key benefits of the Bridgit Bench and Hubspot integration

Optimize productivity

Eliminate manual entry errors, cut down on unproductive work, and focus on what really matters.

Meaningful collaboration

Give your team a comprehensive view of project and resource demands in one centralized hub.

Custom updates

Choose your cadence of information updates, whether it’s every 5 minutes or every 5 days.

Automate your resource planning.

See how Bridgit Bench can be integrated with your existing tech stack.

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