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How much money are you losing from people left on the bench?

Understanding the cost of your people is a crucial part of risk management in construction projects. If you’re an operations manager, chances are you’re monitoring costs closely to make sure it’s within budget, and to prevent any cost overruns. 

With how dynamic construction projects can be, the stakes are high. It’s easy for costs to get out of control, and it’s even worse to find out you have people getting paid even though they might not have anything to do. 

Bridgit Bench can help.

Bench Cost report

Transform the way you plan your workforce

The Bench Cost module shows you the total cost of the people who are under-utilized or haven’t been assigned jobs. With easy-to-understand visuals, you have immediate insight into how much money you could be leaving on the bench. 

The Bench Cost view can be filtered by any field you’re tracking on the platform. Sort by regions, projects, roles, etc.


team member profile in Bridgit Bench

You only have to enter one number per person

Trying to get this data out of a spreadsheet would be madness. You’d spend hours figuring out the right formulas, collecting and arranging data, and testing the math to see if it makes sense. Then rinse and repeat for every single  person you’re tracking.

In Bridgit Bench, all you need to do is add one number per person. Add the total cost rate per hour for each person you’re tracking in a special field we’ve created for you. That’s it. Our platform does all the math behind the scenes.

Bench Cost report in Bridgit Bench

Keep it confidential

Bridgit Bench allows you to control who has access to financial and confidential information, letting   you choose who gets to see information about salaries. 

If you’re sharing Bridgit Bench on a big screen, you have the option to hide all confidential fields, so you don’t have to worry about showing confidential information when presenting.

How does Bench Cost work?

Bridgit Co-founder and CEO Mallorie Brodie explains the Bench Cost module in our latest episode of “Off the Bench”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O'Brien

“There is a newdawn of workforce management, combining historical and situational data with experience. Bridgit Bench is your foundation to the future.”

Todd Wynne, CIO at Rogers-O’Brien

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