Bridgit Bench resource planning tool announces integration with Procore to optimize digital workforce planning for construction

Bridgit Bench resource planning tool announces integration with Procore to optimize digital workforce planning for construction

Procore’s integration with Bridgit Bench allows users to import projects into a single, easy-to-use interface.

TORONTO, March 9, 2020Bridgit, a construction software company, announced its integration with Procore, a provider of construction management software. This integration allows users to import projects from their Procore account directly into the Bridgit Bench resource planning tool, improving efficiency in day-to-day construction operations.

Bridgit and Procore partnered last year to bring the Bridgit Bench Embedded App experience to Procore users – who account for 80% of Bridgit Bench clients. This authorized easy access to Bridgit Bench from within Procore. Now, Bridgit and Procore are offering the Bridgit Bench Integration App, which enables users to import Procore projects from within the Bridgit Bench account.

This new feature eliminates context switching between multiple web browser windows to access projects within a single, easy-to-use interface. Users have the added benefit of quickly and securely pushing project data – including project name, start date, and end date, from Procore into Bridgit Bench.

“Our objective is to provide a seamless onboarding experience for Bridgit Bench customers in order to help them get up and running on our workforce planning platform as quickly as possible,” said Mallorie Brodie, Co-founder and CEO of Bridgit. “Our Procore partnership and ongoing integration work with their platform will allow project data to quickly sync, minimizing time spent on set-up.”

“The Bridgit Bench solution has been an invaluable addition to the Procore App Marketplace,” said Eric Tucker, Business Development Manager at Procore. “The new integration with Procore further solves a problem we often hear from our customers – getting the right people on and off the right projects.”

For more information about the Bridgit Bench and Procore integration, visit the Procore App Marketplace or the Bridgit website.

About Bridgit 

Launched in 2014, Bridgit is a software company focused on developing mobile and web-based solutions for the construction industry. In 2019, Bridgit launched its workforce management and resource planning platform, Bridgit Bench. Built specifically for construction, Bridgit Bench enables operations teams to simplify project planning and allocation processes. General contractors across North America use Bridgit Bench to save valuable time doing workforce planning with custom allocations, skills and experience tracking, dashboards, People and Project Gantts, and an on-the-go mobile app. Learn more at