Top 50 construction influencers

Top 50 construction influencers

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Construction is in the midst of a transformation, and these 50 influencers are the ones determining where it’s headed. They shape trends and the overall pulse of the industry; they’re responsible for designing, building, and manufacturing projects around the world. They include executives at general contractors and subcontractors, technology innovators, association leaders, and more.

Digital builder recognizes Bridgit’s very own Mallorie Brodie as one of these top influencers. Before Mallorie Brodie became CEO and Co-founder of Bridgit, she had exposure to the construction industry through her family. Bridgit’s flagship product, Bridgit Bench, optimizes construction resource management and workforce planning for contractors.

She’s also been recognized for industry visibility (speaking engagements, social followings, frequent bylines in trade publications, etc.) and sits within a prestigious group of individuals directly involved with projects and ventures designed to modernize the construction industry and develop new ways to achieve efficient and smart workforce planning. 

With new developments and solutions in the works, Bridgit is expected to continue producing exceptional new solutions that benefit the construction workforce well into the future.